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Amazon Kindle Reader Accessories

Updated on April 22, 2013

The Amazon Kindle

It's a backhanded compliment to Amazon's Kindle e-reader that whenever any of their competitors brings out a new e-book reader it is immediately labelled the new "Kindle killer". There's no doubt about it, the Kindle readers, whether it be the Kindle 2 or the large format Kindle DX, are streets ahead of the competition right now.

Of course, Amazon are unlikely to have it all their own way for much longer. There are a number of new electronic book readers due for launch before the end of 2009 which will give the Kindle family some fierce competition. However, it would be unwise to assume that Amazon are going to be resting on their laurels - they have a developed the e-book reader market masterfully so far and it's probably safe to assume that they have a few tricks up their corporate sleeve.

And the huge success of the Kindle reader hasn't just been good news for Amazon. There are a large number of third party vendors who are servicing the growing market for Kindle accessories and add-ons.

This year will see the first Christmas since the launch of the Kindle 2 (February 2009) and the Kindle DX (June 2009). A lot of lucky people will be finding a Kindle in their stocking - and a lot more will be finding a variety of accessories for their Kindle. It should be a good year for Amazon and the other manufacturer's who are supplying the Kindle market.

Kindle Covers

Neither the Kindle 2 or the Kindle DX ship with a cover. However, if you've just spent a few hundred dollars on your new e-book reader then it makes perfect sense to spend a little more in order to keep it well protected - and looking good. It's also a good way to customise your Kindle and give it a bit of your personality.

The range of covers varies enormously in both design and price. You can pick up a perfectly functional foam type protective cover or choose a funky gelskin in a bright design. You can pick out a basic leather cover starting at around $20 or go to the top of the range and pay over $100 for a very stylish hand tooled leather cover.

The choice is yours.

Kindle Lights And Power Supplies

One of the nice things about the Amazon Kindle reader is the fact that it uses an e-Ink display that produces less eye strain than reading on a computer screen. There is less screen glare and you can read in bright sunlight much more easily than if you were using a computer or a mobile phone.

However, this means that the screen is not backlit which means that in dull ambient lighting you can't just turn up the brightness. If you think you will be using your Kindle in poorly lit locations then you would be well advised to consider an add-on light. They don't cost much and are very effective.

Sennheiser Headphones For Your Kindle

Both the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX readers have audio functionality. You can either have background music while you read or you can use the "read-to-me" facilty to have your Kindle read your book to you - where the publisher allows this of course.

If you want good quality audio then you can't really do much better than to treat yourself to a pair of Sennheiser earphones. There's a large range of these, both in-ear and over ear, so you're bound to find something that will meet your needs. 


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