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Android App Market Places

Updated on February 10, 2014

Places to Sell an Android App

While the Google Android App Market Place is the most logical place to list your app for sale it is not the only place that you should consider posting your next application there are many app markets to consider. Building a mobile application takes, time, money, and resources and so it only makes sense that you want to take advantage of listing the app for download wherever possible. Check out the sites and companies below if you are an Android developer to learn if they are the right solution for your company. Each app store is slightly different and created with different motivations so make sure the app fits the requirements of the store before submitting and listing your app for sale or for free in their system most have a review process of both the developer and apps.

Alternative Android Market Places Screenshots

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Appia WebsiteAppslib WebsiteGetJar WebsiteSlide Me Website
Appia Website
Appia Website
Appslib Website
Appslib Website
GetJar Website
GetJar Website
Slide Me Website
Slide Me Website

List of Android Market Places

Here is current list of companies and sites. if you know of any others please leave them in the comments section and we will make sure to update the list. There are so many great places to promote Android apps for developers so if you are just an Android phone owner that stumbled upon this page, check out the links below and find your next favorite mobile app.

Here is 37 different places that you can try and list your mobile software:

Google Android Marketplace - Of course you already know about this one as it is where you probably got the Android SDK or any other development essentials and docs.

GetJar - With over 3 million downloads a day it would be silly to avoid Get Jar. Supports many other mobile platforms aside from Android

AppsLib - Allows users to search, download, and discover your app. Access to users through preinstalled software on tablets through Appslib.

SlideMe - Gain access to a global audience through the 100 oems that have preinstalled the Slide Me market place on devices.

Appia - Designed for developers on android, symbian, blackberry, java, and iOS. Over 32,000 developers are part of the Appia community. Appia aquired Handango back in February of 2010.

Cnet - The largest software distribution network in the world. Supporting PC windows programs as well as Mac, mobile and other software solutions to reach their customers in over 200 countries.

Vodafone - Is looking for developers that want to bring their apps to market to the Vodafone customer base.

Amazon Appstore - The amazon app store solution for Android developer is another path to a large consumer base and a company actively seeking to expand its presence in mobile devices and apps, resulting in a great place to be for developers trying to gain exposure for their apps.

Samsung Apps - Sell your app through their channel direct to Samsung customers.

Nook Developer - Monetize your app with the nook tablet through the Barnes and Noble community. Check out the develop pages for specific tools, SDK, and Docs.

Give Me Apps - Is a marketplace for apps of many different platforms. The featured apps at the top will get the most visibility.

Camangi Market for Android Tablets has an available market place apk to download to be able to uplad an app here.

Blue Via - Has API's to help promote apps, but also Blue Via is providing app developers unique opportunities for promotion with partners like The Guardian to expose apps through more traditional media outlets.

Verizon Wireless - Develop community for the Verizon network. Carrier app promotions provide a different angle to reaching android users.

extent - is delivering more than 2,000PC and mobile games already from more than 150 publishers. extent has partnered with many of the biggest players in the mobile and gaming industry including Verizzon, T-Mobile, Atari, Konami, Ubisoft, and many more.

appbackr - This is a unique website as it provides an opportunity for people to invest in your app for a discounted rate and resell your app to their own communities. It is worth it to put your app into the appbackr system to see if you can generate some initial sales in blocks and get the funding you need to continue building your apps.

1Mobile - has a great selection of app lists for its users to search through so make sure to submit your app to 1Mobile properly so that you can show in the applist for fitness, desserts, green, wine lovers, or whatever category your app falls under.

Mobango - Mobile Power that boasts over 6 million members that use the site everyday. Check out the developers area for any questions about listing an app here.

MobiReach - access more users through the Mobihand network, consisting of portals and online destinations, device makers, and ATT. Mobireach is no longer available

FastApp - A clean simple website currently listing around 9k Android apps, 5k blackberry, 526k iOs apps. The provide the end user a more efficient way to locate the apps that they need.

Android Freeware - Focused on distributing Android free games and apps. Simple site that delivers great content for free to Android smart phone owners.

MiKandi - Looking for developers that are capable of delivering mind blowing apps for their customers to have mind blowing mobile experiences - The apps MiKandi services though of course of the adult variety.

Android Pit - With an app of the week feature that certainly drives many downloads, their app center has a prominent featured and recommended apps as well as decent categorization and searching capabilities.

Motorola Developer Network - MotoDev provides the docs and tools that will be necessary for working with Motorola and deploying your apps for Motorola customers. The front page is seeking business app developers, contrary to the desire for free games which many of the marketplaces pursue the carriers need high quality business apps that can be distributed to their corporate clients that need mobile solutions.

Android Tapp - Android App Reviews that can drive downloads of your software. There is a freebies section, news, store, etc. Check out the get reviewed button to submit your app to Android Tapp to get reviewed and published in there review section.

Handster - A simple website with categories of apps for discovery on any phone. Supporting Android, Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian, Blackberry, and iPhone.

Mobile24 - A mixed bag of mobile content for download including: apps, games, ringtones, screensavers, videos, wallpapers, and much more.

Android Apps - Appolicious a Yahoo brand that powers app discover for best buy and samsung provides a unique channel to reach customers through several different major brands that access data from the site for their android customers. is providing developers of different kinds to expose their products to customers. Providing a 80/20 revenue share that is favorable to the developer sell not just an app, but ebook, music or other high quality digital content.

M1 - Developers Portal create an account and get started.

fasMicro - Can support your strategy to monetize your app business by getting you access to our tablet community.

NTT docomo - Access the Japanese mobile phone market through Nt Docomo by gaining access to their limited app store which results in high visibility for accepted apps to the millions of customers.

phoload a place to share your free mobile software. Upload both games and application by becoming a member of the community.

Optus Partner Connect - Work with Optus as a partner and reach new mobile users.

LG Mobile - The LG Mobile Developer Network is a one stop resource for developing on the LG platform and reaching their existing customer base of smart phone users. Check for more information about the services available to developers including testing on real LG phones and more.

MVStore - a Vietnamese Android app marketplace that can get your app exposure to this specific demographic.

pdassi is a German website that supports software distribution focused on Palm but others as well and provides articles / information about the technology industry.

Butterscotch - The sweet mobile lifestyle network that has put together categories of the best mobile apps as well a sophisticated search feature listing your android app with Butterscotch can reach the right app users.

nexva - A app store supporting all of the major and minor platforms simplifies the listing and promotion process with their app store, with a single link to distribute regardless of OS making marketing campaigns simpler when promoting an app for all of the major mobile platforms at the same time.

Spend some time visiting each of these sites to learn the differences among them. If you are producing Android apps, especially free apps and not spending the time to sign up and distribute the app through as many of the channels listed above you are simply missing large portions of Android users that are using other methods to find their favorite apps due to the inefficiencies of the Android Market Place to help users find the apps that they are looking for.


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    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 5 years ago from Oregon

      Write an update comment when you are live and I will include the service in the list.

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      chris 5 years ago

      nice list ... we want to be on it soon.... is coming soon.

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      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      This is quite a collection -- Android buyers don't have to worry that Apple has the corner on apps with these may resources. Voting this Up and Useful.