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Amazing android-the future

Updated on June 15, 2012

Android is an operating system for mobiles. It is becoming more and more popular day by day. It has now overtaken i Phone operating system in popularity. It was developed by Android corporation which was purchased by google in 2005. So android is now one google product.

The first phone came to market with android OS was HTC Dream. Now in market there is a lot of phones with android OS. Currently the android phone with lowest coast is Galaxy 5 of samsung with a price of Rs 8500. Now micromax has announced android phone with rates as small as Rs 6900. Google has released two phones in co operation with other companies. Nexus One was developed by co operation of HTC and google. Then google and Samsung released Nexus S. 

This mobile operating system is now free and linux based. One of most attractive feature of android phones that attract users is the availability of large number of applications available in android market.

Different famous versions of android are

1.5 Cupcake

1.6 Donut

2.1 Eclair

2.2 Froyo (Frozen yogurt)

2.3 Gingerbread- Latest version that is released. It has additional features like allowing apps to be installed in memory card, Tethering (acts as wifi hotspot)

3.0 Honeycomb- New version that is for Tabs

Android is growing from versions to versions. Now the latest version of android have nearly 12 million lines of code.

Now the current running version in most of the phones is android 2.2. There is a problem of decreasing available free RAM in android phones, Refer to solve the problem

Here is the list of free applications that you must have in your android phone

You can get the detailed history of android in wikipedia


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