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The Samsung Intercept is a Step Up from the LG Rumor Touch by Virgin Mobile

Updated on July 15, 2011

Get it While Its Hot!

I am in love with the Samsung Intercept.

It can do more than some laptops I've owned and seemly can do everything my current computer can do.

A mobile embedded Linux system is an amazing advance in mobile tech.

The Samsung Intercept is not the first of these phones, of course, but it is my first experience with one, and I am impressed with the value of this Smartphone.

It streams radio stations and video seamlessly.

The number of free applications available is atronomical.

Whether you hail from the mobile UK, India, or the USA, 3g, free mobile apps, internet browsers, and Google software are waiting for you on your new browser smartphone from Samsung Mobile!

When did smartphones get so smart? Android has come a long way from the G Phone.

The last smartphone I owned was a Blackberry Pearl and my parents took the plunge and purchased the Blackberry Storm. My sister has an Iphone, and I am no longer jealous of any of them.

The Android 2.1 OS does as much, if not more than the Storm or the Iphone. There is an App for anything I've thought of yet, and every one has been FREE! Cannot beat that!

The phone can run an enormous amount of Apps at the same time.

It has three "desktops" or "home screens" (borrowing from Linux maybe?)

First Essential Browser Install!

The web browsers, like Dolphin HD, are shockingly amazing.

Today, there is Skyfire, Dolphin, Dolphin HD, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile (Beta), Bolt, and many more net browsers for the mobile smart phone for free in the Android Marketplace.

Dolphin HD is a particularly cool net browser. Its shiny ;) Pretty :) And has tons of features that a regular desktop browser has.

If you compare it with Internet Explorer, there are many more features!

Gorgeous! Gestures!



Add-ons include such titles as:

  • Read Later
  • Lastpass
  • Tab Mix Plus
  • Adblocker
  • ScreenCut
  • Web to PDF
  • Morning Coffee
  • Speed Dial
  • Google Services
  • Google Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Show IP

Other Web browsers to look out for are Opera Mobile, Skyfire [For Playing Flash on Android 2.1), and Bolt.

Your First MUST HAVE App = AppBrain!

Ladies and Gentleman, presenting your first "must have" app

*drum roll*


This Android Smartphone app is amazing.

The Samsung Intercept is not complete without this free app!

Its a website with a reorganized and much more "filterable" Android app marketplace that makes it easy to find that new browser, Google maps, Google software, and a nifty toolbar.

It has additional sync features that runs from your Google Account (If you don't have one now, you will when you get your phone----comes with the territory)

Much like Xbox Live and the Playstation Marketplace, you can add apps to your "list" of installs and then on your phone "sync" to this list.

The free mobile app will download the list of applications automatically and install them on the phone.

You can manage all of your installed apps from your browser as well as from your phone.

This includes "uninstalling" apps as well! Set your wallpaper from AppBrain's free mobile wallpaper library.

You have the option of making multiple lists.

For example, you might keep a wishlist, net browser list, Google software list, free ringtones list, etc. You can keep your lists public or private. Public lists can be shared and accessed from your mobile handset (check in on the kids perhaps or just know what your friends with a new Google phone are installing).

Its also has an auto update feature that keeps all the apps installed on your Samsung Intercept up to date with the latests versions. The Android Marketplace will do this too, but the Appbrain app is much easier.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      what do i need to do to get a java-enabled browser installed on my virgin mobile samsung intercept??????

      Please let me know

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for the article and the links!! Just got the phone and LOVE IT!!! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank God for Virgin Mobile and this kick-ass phone Samsung Intercept!!! I'm more in love with this phone than all my ex-girlfriends combined, ok so maybe I didn't love any of them...kidding No really though this phone is the best of the best, If I really have to bitch about anything, fine I'll say that the track ball sensor has some getting used to. Other than that you have Apps galore, features up the ass, and an overall reliable phone worth whatever price you got it for! Thanks Virgin!!!


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