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Android phones with Qwerty keyboard.

Updated on May 8, 2012

See the list of Android phones with QWERTY keyboard available in the market. With the arrival of new touch technologies like capacitive, AMOLED etc, physical keyboard was in its way out of smartphones. Most probably touch will be the future technology in mobile input methods. But still there are people who hate touch screen. Many people prefer physical keyboards in their mobile phones. If you are looking for a physical keyboard mobile because you can type fast than touch screen, remember that new input methods like SWYPE available for Android allows you to input text much faster than physical keyboard. See Android phones with physical keyboard below.

Motorola Fire
Motorola Fire

Motorola Fire (Price : Rs.9000)

It is currently the cheapest Android phone available in the market with physical keyboard. It comes with a lot of features. It possesses a 600MHz processor and an Adreno 200 GPU, that helps you to play videos and Games needing good Graphics support. RAM is 256MB. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Display is 2.8 inch even with the presence of a full QWERTY keyboard. Display resolution is 240x320, which is same as the resolution that you can find in most of the low end android phones. Battery backup time is also good as it possess a 1390mAh battery. You can expect the battery to last 2 days on average even with moderate usage, which is only one day in most of the touch smartphones. User interface of the phone is something that you have to mention. It is named Moto Switch by motorola. It offers you to customize the 5 excellent UI options provided by Motorola. Also an ambient light control sensor is available in the phone, so you can view the text in phone in any light conditions without causing any strain to your eyes.

The 3MP fixed focus camera is not one with great quality. But it is more than enough for social network sharing and other simple purposes. Also common features like smile detection are not available in its camera. Even though separate graphics processor for rendering high graphics games is available, it is difficult to play Angry birds in it, due to control problems.

LG Optimus Pro C660
LG Optimus Pro C660

LG Optimus Pro C660 (Price: Rs.9600)

This phone comes with 800MHz processor and Android 2.3. But the greatness ends there. RAM is only 186MB, which is same as the oldest Android phones running on Android 2.1. Using this RAM, you can never run Android 2.3 smoothly. Opening many apps is a nightmare. Phone gets stuck usually. Many users of this phone are referring to Motorola Fire. Battery is very good 1500mAh is capable of backing the phone to more than two days. Display is 2.8 inch TFT capacitive touch screen. So you can operate using both touch and QWERTY keyboard. 3MP camera is of moderate quality.

Main problem of this phone is the lack of enough RAM. 186MB is not sufficient to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. so running more apps is a hectic task, it will slow down the phone. So I suggest you to look for other phones in the same price.

Sony Ericson Xperia X10 Mini Pro
Sony Ericson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

Sony Ericson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (Rs. 9600)

This is one of the first android phones from Sony Ericson. So there are much better options without Qwerty keypad in market from Sony Ericson itself. But still it is a good choice, as the price has come down. It possesses 600MHz processor and a separate Adreno chip for graphics support. Its camera is also superb. It is with 5MP with LED with autofocus. The time line UI of Sony Ericson is also just superb. It has proven efficient for screens with less real estate.

But unfortunately the good points end there. The 2.55 inch capacitive touch screen is responsive, but very small to enjoy games and videos. It does not support flash also. Internal memory is only 128MB. As it is running on Android 2.1 which cannot be updated, you cannot install apps in memory card. So this internal memory will run out soon and you cannot install much apps in memory. Another serious drawback is the low battery capacity. It is only 930mAh. Even though the screen is very small, this is not enough to power the phone for a long time. So if you are not a hard core fan of Qwerty keyboard and Sony Ericson, you can look for other phones in this price range.

HTC Chacha
HTC Chacha

HTC Chacha ( Price Rs.12500)

This phone gives both qwerty keypad and front facing camera. Also a dedicated Facebook button which you can find only in this phone. This phone running on Android 2.3 and processor of 800MHz. Display of 480x320 resolution and 2.6 inch screen is good enough. RAM of 512MB will allow you to run many apps simultaneously. Camera with 5MP and LED flash is very nice. It also has auto focus. Ambient light sensor, gives you good legibility in all light conditions. Battery of 1250mAh is average in this price range.

It also comes with a lot of additional features. It comes with a 0.3 secondary or font camera. Also the Sense UI of HTC is just stunning. Facebook button enables sharing of photos and videos in your mobile just by the click of this button. One major problem reported with this phone is a bug in the software. It causes the battery to drain very fast. You will get a backup of only below one day. Once you get a software update with fix for this problem, in this phone, that problem will be solved

Sony Ericson SK17i
Sony Ericson SK17i

Sony Ericson SK17i (Price Rs.14800)

This is a really nice phone with stunning configuration at handy price. Only Sony Ericson can offer it. It runs on 1GHz Scorpion processor and 512MB, hardware is not at a problem. Android 2.3 is also capable of taking the full advantage of this hardware. Also an additional Adreno processor takes care of graphics. Display is also superb. 3 inch HVGA display with 320x480 resolution is supported by sony bravia engine. So Display offers crystal clarity. Primary camera of 5MP camera with LED flash, gives very good pictures. Also it allows you to shoot videos in 720p HD resolution. Also camera comes with a lot of additional options like Image stabilization, Auto focus, Red eye reduction etc. It also allows you to shoot 3D videos and images, but in order to watch it in 3D you will need a 3D supported device. Secondary camera offers video calling capability. The special sound technology Xloud filter is offering superb sound.

Everything about this phone is good and offers value for money. But the only problem is 1200mAh battery. It is a serious problem also. For running the high end hardware, you will need more juice in battery. You can expect only half day backup with moderate use. Also 380MB internal memory will get full fast unless you install apps in SD card

Sony Ericson Pro
Sony Ericson Pro

Sony Ericson Pro (Price Rs.20050)

It solves most of the problems of Sony Ericson SK17i and adds more features to it. It runs on 1GHz scorpion processor and 512MB RAM and have Android 2.3. Graphics processor of Adreno is also available. Camera of 8.1MP with LED flash is superb. It supports most of the features like 720p video recording, 3D panorama shot, video stabilization etc. Secondary camera of 0.3MP makes the phone capable of video call. Camera possesses a CMOS sensor enabling the phone capable of shooting pictures and videos in low light. Display resolution of 854x480 along with bravia display engine offers superb display. This phone is a complete media enabled phone. It comes with DLNA support also, permitting you to connect TV and enjoy content in TV. Battery of 1500mAh capacity is really nice. It will help you watch full length movies in single recharge, which is not possible with most of the phones.

Internal memory of 320MB is the only problem that you can show, if you want to find one. But as there is option to install in memory card, it is not a problem.

Samsung Galaxy Y pro duos B5512
Samsung Galaxy Y pro duos B5512

Samsung Galaxy Y pro duos B5512 (Price. Rs.9800)

This phone is coming to market as a replacement for old Samsung Galaxy pro. Good news is that it is coming with lesser price. Configuration is similar to Galaxy Y Duos going to released in coming months which is a touch only dual SIM phone.


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India


      Really nice choice. It offers features nearly equal to Sony Ericson Xperia Pro at less price. Also about new entries to the market you are correct. It will come solving the problems in previous phones naturally. So if you are buying a phone always remember to buy a phone recently released. It will give you more updated technology at less price.

      Sony Ericson is a good brand in case of Android phones also. Sound clarity is really amazing. Display is also superb. The only problem that you can find in the phone is its battery of low capacity

    • profile image

      chacko 6 years ago

      I was looking for an Android phone with Qwerty keypad with a budget 15k. After reading this i found, Sony Ericson SK17i as the best choice. Is it a new entry to market. I think new entries to market will come with better specification at less price. Also such products will be released after rectifying problems found in previous versions.

      Also is Sony Ericson a reliable brand in case of Android phones?. My preference was Samsung. But reading the specifications of Sony Ericson SK17i I am actually to think about Sony Ericson.