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Backlinks And Backlinking: Search Engine Optimization and the Importance of Backlinks And Backlinking

Updated on June 9, 2011

If you do a small research on search engine optimization or high search engine ranking, then you must come across the term backlinks or backlinking. Backlinks or backlinkings are the hyperlinks which may found in other sites and points to your own website or blog or forum. Backlinks or back-linking is really a great tools for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization software may be help you for your website or blog or forum high search engine ranking. But you have to spend much money for that and most of the cases it's found that your site is blocked from high search engine ranking and all's are lost. But the best solution is the backlinks or backling. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines use backlinks to determine the importance of your web site or blog or forum. For example, if you search "adsense" in Google, you will find Google AdSense's official site at the first search page link. Do you know how this is happened or how it's possible. Let's find the way.

For a clear explanation, I describe backlinks with the help of an example. The example must be a real live practical example. Before start reading this page, open any search engine for example and write "click here" and hit enter key. What do you find? You find the site of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Why? Wait... I think you need a little more explanation. Now, open Adobe Reader's web site and search for the term "click here". Do you find any thing like "click here"? Probably not. But why this scenario appears? Yes, the reason behind this is backlinks or backlinking. All the search engines think that most web sites all over the world point to the anchor text "click here". This anchor text is the word that most people find and like it which is hyperlinked with the site Acrobat reader. That's why, all the search engine ranks Adobe Reader's site incredibly high for this keyword.

Backlinks and good quality backlinks...

I think you are pretty much clear the importance of backlinks / backlinking for search engine optimization or

high search engine ranking. The above example explains that backlinks are very important for your web site or blog or forum. But all the backlinks are good. Many people think that high backlinking has a great impact for their web site or blog or forum. What do you think? The real secret is that a good quality backlinks is much much better than thousands normal backlinks.

All the pagse are not same important to Google. Google observes itself which web is really important and then it creates a page rank. If the page seems important to Google then Google imposes a high page rank for that page. Otherwise, Google imposes a low page ranks. If you get a backlinks form CNN or BBC or Wiki, that backlink is really a high quality backlink.

Some people think that getting lots of backlink is a good idea. But the combination of high quality and high quantity backlinks works best for all web site or blog or forum.

Actual relevant backlinks have a great impact. A magazine owner's website pointing at the book store website has much impact and they are relevant. But if the magazine owner's website pointing to a car manufacturing website is not quiet relevant. Thus for the second example, the relevancy looses.

How to create backlinks

Backlinks can be easily created. You can easily create backlinks online in a number of places. You may write articles or blog posts and create hyperlink to your articles or blog contents. You may reply forum post or threads and can easily build hundrdes of backlinks easily and freely. Moreover, try to make comment to other people's articles or posts, make a small hyperlink to your post and thus it's easy to create a backlinks. By following all these types of methods, you can create a signature at the end of your posts and can easily create high backlinks. Thus it helps you for high search engine ranking or search engine optimization.

@Written by rancidTaste


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    • profile image

      jayson 6 years ago

      try editing this hub, it contains few typo errors. But over all it is good. I have a question by the way. I tried using contextual link on blogs, but the blog won't display it correctly, maybe because it is in ajax or php language. What will I do to insert the anchor text? Thanks!

    • Atlanta SEO Consu profile image

      Atlanta SEO Consu 7 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Great hub, you know your stuff

    • profile image

      niranjan 7 years ago

      backlinks is not easy i searchengineoptimization

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      getting quality backlinks is not an easy task fo rmost people.