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Barracuda The Latest Phone Models From Nokia

Updated on October 29, 2011

Nokia Phones

The world’s top cellphone maker Nokia unveiled a thin ‘Barracuda’ phone and six other new entry level handsets on Thursday, including its cheapest 1200 model, which is expected to sell for 35 euros($48).

The Finnish firm, which sells more than a third of all phones across the world, has a strong position in emerging markets, but in developed markets Motorola and Samsung have attacked it with popular thin phones.

The Barracuda, or Nokia 2630, is slightly below 10 millimeters (0.4 inch) thick, comparable with most of thin phones of its rivals.

The phone will hit the shelves next quarter, with an estimated retail price of 85 euros, when excluding operator subsidies and taxes.

“At these prices the largest volumes are sold — on both developed and emerging markets. Of course we expect to see very high volumes from Barracuda,” Kai Oistamo, head of Nokia’s mobile phones unit.

Oistamo displayed the Barracuda at an investor event last November, in a gesture which calmed many investors’ fears on Nokia’s answer to thin phones.

“It was a sign of change in the overall thinking …. It’s the whole new approach to marketing and communications as a whole, clearly less conservative and somewhat more aggressive and forward-looking than earlier,” Oistamo said.

All new phones are priced below 100 euros and are set to appear in the shops this quarter or next.


The Phones

Although Nokia launched these with a focus on developing markets like India, similar models have made their way into the US in the past. Among today's models is the "Barracuda," Nokia's thinnest candybar yet.

The Barracuda is a 10mm thick candybar with a VGA camera, Bluetooth, FM radio and MP3 ringtones. It is also the only model introduced today to feature EDGE, so larger US carriers may pick up this model. Due out in the third quarter.

Technical Specifications:

System:DualbandEGSM900/1800 andGSM850/1900

User Interface:Series 40

Dimensions:105 mm x 45 mm x 9.9 mm (L x W x H)

Volume:45 cc

Weight:66 g

Standby time:Up to 320 h

Talk time:Up to 6 h

Display:128 x 160, TFTwith up to 65,536 colors

Battery: Nokia Battery BL-4B, 700 mAhKey

  • 2760: A clamshell style phone with the same features as the 2630 except for EDGE. Also features a monochrome external caller ID screen. The 2760 is dual-band GSM/GPRS.Stylish Fold Design with dual display VGA Camera & Video Capture/Playback Bluetooth Wireless Technology FM radio & MP3 ring tones
  • 2660: A camera-less version of the 2760.
  • 2505: Key features includes Sleek and elegant fold design,Relax and listen to your FM radio for all the latest music Built-in flashlight with a quick press for finding keys in the dark 90 second voice reminder attached to calendar notes with recorded “to do”message 300 contact phonebook and Talk to friends via speakerphone
  • 1630: A simple candybar phone with an FM radio, flashlight, MP3 ringtones and color screen.
  • 1208/1200: Two entry level candybars with few features other than a flashlight and Xpress-on covers. However they have features for developing markets like multiple phone books and cost control. The 1208 has a color screen, while the 1200 is monochrome.


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