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Belkin Vue iPad Sleeve with Transparent Zip Pocket

Updated on March 15, 2011

The iPad is so thin and sleek it is a shame to hide it away in a case. However, protecting a gadget that costs anywhere from five hundred to nine hundred dollars is a prudent thing to do. If that sleeve does double duty – then it is even better.

The Belkin Vue iPad Sleeve is made of durable lightweight neoprene and is well padded. An extra layer of quilted padding has been added to further protect the iPad’s touch screen from damage and is soft as not to scratch it. The Vue part of this sleeve is a zippered pocket on the front. The zipper is a unique feature since it is placed across the middle of the pocket instead of across the top of the pocket. The front pocket is a bit decorative with streaks of color reaching across from side to side, it is transparent and it is slightly expandable. What a great idea.


Have you ever lost a gadget such as a tiny USB drive before? How many places did you look before you found it? The easiest way to lose small accessories is to tuck them away into the dark corners of a typical laptop bag. That is also how many gadgets get damaged. As electronics, magazines and cables are tightly packed into a bag the small items get buried.

An MP3, an iPad charging cable and a set of earbuds would fit well into the Vue pocket. Still the sleeve would not be so bulky that it could not be carried inside of a larger bag. The Belkin Vue iPad Sleeve measures approximately 7.75 inches tall, 9.7 inches long and less than an inch thick. The double zipper closure that reaches across the top and half way down each side of the sleeve allows for easily inserting and removing the iPad without scratching you knuckles.

The Belkin Vue iPad Sleeve is available in basic black or purple which is close to a plum color. Either color should please most of us gadget lovers. Each Belkin iPad Sleeve will cost approximately thirty-nine to fifty-nine dollars.


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      Tigee 7 years ago

      Great article... thanks for sharing!

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