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Best New iPad Apps

Updated on July 17, 2011

There's something to say about being their first, experiencing it first, doing it first. Sometime what's new isn't as good as what once was; perhaps the hype got to it resulting in the majority of people to think of it as disappointing. There is an odd time when new is good - really good. And when that happens it pays to get their first, to master is before the mob, to be it's king.

Imagine the scenario:

A new iPad game has just been released. You download it from the app store and instantly start playing it and it's amazing. The controls are good, the animation is incredible and it's very addictive. You put up a high score and your ranked number one in the world.

Sounds kind of cool doesn't it?


A List of the Best New iPad Apps (Will be updated regularly:)


Best New iPad Game: Robot Unicorn Attack

Price: $1.00

What's more fun on the iPad than running through a mystical world as a unicorn, jumping from floating rock to floating rock and dashing through mysterious crystals? Well - nothing, really.

Couple this painstakingly addicting game play a techno song that you'll be singing, despite yourself, within the hour, and you get one of the best iPad games, as well as one of the best new iPad apps.


With Social you'll get a much sleeker version of this.
With Social you'll get a much sleeker version of this. | Source

Best New iPad Social Networking App: Social (Facebook)

Price:  $5.00

Although the Facebook app for Facebook is good, it's not nearly as sleek and well-designed as the iPad app 'Social' is.

It divides your news feed with two rows on the top and bottom. On the top you can change the settings of your feed from Top News, Most Recent, and Status Updates - Top News is a fun way to look at your news feed by showing what is being viewed and commented on the most.

On the bottom you switch instantly between the feed, favorites (which you can choose), profile, friends, notifications, requests, messages and as well as option of more.

It's easy the best social networking app on the iPad.

Glee has become a phenomena.  Embrace it.
Glee has become a phenomena. Embrace it. | Source

Best New Entertainment App: Glee Karaoke

Glee has become a cultural phenomna so it's fitting that the iPad has an app to embrace it. With Glee Karaoke you get all of the songs the Glee cast sings in the palm of your hand.

Ready for the best part?

You can sing all of the songs. Lyrics will pop and as well as a bar for tone (think Rock Band vocals) and it's your job to sing in the right tone, as well as sing the right words. There's also an auto-tune feature if you don't think you're good enough.


With this best new iPad app you'll get real time pictures like this.
With this best new iPad app you'll get real time pictures like this. | Source

Best New Map App: Living Earth 3D

Price: $1.00

Perhaps to show how good this app is I'll just list its features:

  • 3D Earth with real time cloud movements.
  • Global weather, as well as forecasts.
  • World Clock.
  • Cloud patterns; tropical storms; hurricanes.
  • Optimized for retina display.


Best New iPad Music App: Reactables

This one is just plain cool. Reactables is a music app that allows use to make music with your fingertips. The screen fills with 20 floating objects where each one has a different function. By dragging, clicking and connecting the different functions you can create a piece of music.

The biggest feature of this iPad music app is that the combinations and variables for which you can play with our endless.

For all you creative geniuses out there - get this app now.



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