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Best iPad Apps - Helpful iPad Applications

Updated on July 10, 2011

The purpose of the iPad is to make things we would normally do on a computer easier and more efficient. Plus it's portable; plus it looks cool. The iPad is still considered a new product and therefore is still in the process of ironing out all the kinks. That doesn't mean it doesn't have some of the most helpful apps around.

We always want things that make life easier for us and the best iPad applications do just that. They guide us. They teach us. They destress us.

Here is a list of helpful iPad applications which are also some of the best iPad apps.


Kayak Flights

Kayak Flights - Free

This app for the iPad is one the sleekest and most helpful apps around. If makes booking a flight through Kayak much easier than it is through a computer. The interface is cleaner, the touch features make everything smoother - it just is a must have app for the iPad. The only thing it's missing is what the website has: discount flights. I'm sure Kayak is aware of that and that this best iPad app will be improved in later updates.


Instapaper Pro

Instapaper Pro - $5.00

The fact that the iPad doesn't initally have 3G connectivity is a slight downer. And that's where this helpful app comes in handy. Instapaper Pro will save websites for you for later use. So before you leave for work in the morning, while your having breakfast you can go and save ten or so websites. Then, at work, or wherever, with no Wi-Fi you can view the websites you saved. it cost five dollars, but this is one of the best iPad apps and is worth it.


Desktop Connect

Desktop Connect - $12.00

Yes Apple once again opted out without including a desktop application for the iPad, but this app makes you forgive quickly.  Desktop connect, for a price of just over ten dollars, allows you to stream your desktop computer into the palm of your hand.  It's an easy process, thus making Desktop connect one of the best iPad apps.



Netflix - Free

Bring cable to your iPad - or come pretty close. Netflix transfers the popular service onto your iPad and for a small monthly fee you can have access to thousands of shows and movies. Plus it's in HD, the sound is amazing, and it's just plain cool. A helpful app because it so fun and easy, and easily one of the best ipad apps.



Kindle - Free

The age of digital books is upon us and the iPad knows and is taking full advantage of that. Kindle on the iPad is just how it sounds - reading Kindle books on the iPad. It offers full access to the Kindle store, as well is the first full color eBook reader. Not the same as the actually Kindle is terms of features, but is one of the best iPad apps around. Might as well join the revolution.



Bloomberg - Free

The ultimate stock app.  You need this.  If you don't have it right now, go get it.   It's one of the best iPad apps.  It's one the most helpful iPad applications.  It's easy, it's sleek, it's quality. 


iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro - $3.00

Can education actually benfiit from the iPad. Some people think so. IStudiez Pro allos students to organize classes effectivley, keep track of lecture hours, assignment deadlines and exam dates. It almost makes organizing your life fun... almost.


National Public Radio

National Public Radio - Free

A free iPad app that is also one the best iPad apps.  Is like the popular website but more immersive and easier to use.  On your iPad just click on an article you want to hear or see and you'll quickly be immersed in the information.  It allows you to stay up to date on current news, and is therefore one of the most helpful iPad applications. 



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    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Great Applications ..Thanks for the great post..

    • jestone profile image

      jestone 7 years ago from America!

      I like how you presented your information, very clean.