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Upcoming iPad Apps

Updated on June 14, 2011

The iPad is still a new and fresh piece of technology. It's full of untapped potential that is just waiting to be utilized. Already, in half a year of being on the market, it has apps that are revolutionizing what is and what is to be.

And this constant, dynamic change is a very exciting premise. It means that future iPad apps could be that much better and that much more game-changing. Think of the new iPad games that could be created, the business apps, the new map and GPS apps. A whole future could be created and evolved around just a simple piece of technology that is also one of the most diverse pieces of technology.

iPad games, iPad business apps, iPad sports apps, iPad movie apps... they're all part of the list of upcoming iPad apps.


The Treasures of Montezuma 2

Developer: Stargaze Alawar

Price: Unknown

Type of App: iPad Game

As for as upcoming iPad apps goes this iPad game is one of the more noteworthy entries. A puzzle game that features an adventure mode, a challenge mode, and a match mode, The Treasures of Montezuma 2 is an upcoming iPad app that you don't want to miss.


  • 120 Adventure Mode Levels
  • 40 Puzzle Model Levels
  • Unlock-able Endless Mode
  • Male and Female Characters


Developer: Mike Rotondo and Luke Lannini

Price: Unknown (Probably $10)

Type of App: iPad Music App

Probably the biggest surprise with the iPad is the amount of innovative music applications it has been a platform for. Apps like Reactables are a proof to how powerful a platform the iPad is. Artikulator is no different. With Artikulator you finger paint on your iPad shapes and lines which will in-turn produce different music. Feeling sad that day? Draw a sad picture and you'll make sad music.

Definitely one of the best upcoming iPad applications.


iPad Mixr

Developer: Noe Ruiz, Ben Stahlohood

Price: Unknown

Type of App: iPad Music App

Another music app, another innovation. iPad Mixr, however, takes it to another level of professionalism. The app literally turns your iPad into a DJ turntable where you do cross-fading, equalizing, cue, drag and drop tracks, and many other full effects. Supposed to be released this fall, iPad Mixr looks like to be the best of the upcoming iPad apps; if it does what it wants to effectively, it will be one of the groundbreaking apps that fully merges a real-life technology into the digital world.


  • Change the speed of the record by touch.
  • Features all other full DJ controls.
  • Record Mixes.
  • Live EQ and FXs

Game Center

Not exactly an app but still an upcoming iPad feature this will be an update that will affect all and any upcoming iPad apps. Features matchmaking techniques that rival games like Halo and Call of Duty, Game Center will it make easier for you to play against friends or just anyone in the world.

Also expect it to bring a variety of new iPad games, some which will be innovative, and some that will just be updates to include Game Center.


Check back regularly for more upcoming iPad apps. 


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