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Best USB Headset with Microphone

Updated on January 13, 2012

Picking the right headset for you depends on a number of factors. For instance: the amount you are willing to pay, what the headset will be used for that is gaming, chatting and/or listening to music, the length of time the headset will be in use. In best USB headset with microphone, we have reviewed a number of the top new headsets to help you find the right headset for your needs.

It is worth noting that a few of our top headset picks are made by Logitech. While they aren't the only good headset maker, their brand is the one to look for.

Best USB headset with microphone from Logitech
Best USB headset with microphone from Logitech

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset

This is the headset that we recommend for general use. This headset is our number one pick because it is comfortable enough to use for many hours without feeling any kind of discomfort or irritation. The headband as well as the ear pads of the headset are both well padded. In addition the headband is adjustable so that it fits you perfectly when you put it on.

The other reason why this is the USB headset with microphone that suits chatting perfectly is that it has a noise cancellation feature. This means that the device actually reduces all kinds of background noise. With this feature your voice can be heard more clearly at the other end, when you are chatting and conversations can be held more smoothly.

Logitech Premium USB Headset 350

If you are looking for a USB headset with microphone that is going to suit your gaming needs, then this model is the one that you should buy. This headset is perfect for playing multi-player games and listening to music and the like. The headset runs on an advanced audio streaming that is done digitally which makes the quality of sound superior to most other headsets.

This plug and play headset is particularly easy to install. The headset is a bit more expensive than the other ones, but for gaming it does deliver a superior experience.

Top USB headset for gaming and listening to music
Top USB headset for gaming and listening to music

PC/Gaming Stereo Headphones

This USB headset is similar in purpose to the one reviewed above, but with a less recognizable brand and a lower price tag.

Having said that the quality of sound both in and out is still very good. We tested the headset on Vista and Windows 7 without any problems.

I found the installation process on this headset to particularly quick and smooth.

The microphone on the headset isn't solid, so it takes some time to adjust it to a perfect position every time you use it.

At less than $20 this headset really is very good value for your money.

If the headset is for someone with a small head, don't get this one it fits people with larger heads better.

Plantronics Foldable USB Stereo Headset

If you are looking for a USB headset that will be perfect for use on your laptop, then this next one should be your choice because it has been optimized to be used on a laptop.

On the laptop, this particular model will serve you best for voice chats such as on Skype as well as for listening to music. If you play games occasionally this headset does a decent job for gamers to. So even when you are traveling, this headset can actually be very easily folded up in any kind of bag or briefcase. Not only that, but the sound quality is actually better than you would have ever expected out of a headset that comes with a price tag that is so low. Not just the microphone quality but the headset’s sound quality is great as well, and the easy to control volume buttons along with the mute and all the other functions are pretty good and you will not be disappointed.

Logitech H330 USB Headset

The logitech H330 USB headset is my pick as best simple cheap USB headset of the year. In this basic model there is no controller on the wire and it has a single wire.

This last recommendation is for another Logitech model that is a great model for a younger customer, made perfect for chatting and gaming purposes. The headset actually comes in interchangeable colors as well. Noise cancellation is a great feature of the headset and so it is ideal for training or chatting over the internet. Also, the headset is light and makes wearing it very comfortable even if you have it on for long hours.

Hopefully you where able to find the perfect headset here.

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