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The Best Web Browser Apps for the Samsung Intercept and the LG Optimus V

Updated on August 18, 2012

Wireless Internet In Your Hand

Finding a stellar internet browser is "mobile phone'age' 101" these days.

"How am I going to surf the web?" is one of the first questions once the new phone is unpacked and in your "hot little hands".

With almost all mobile phones in my past, there were three possible situations:

1. No browser or just a Mobileshop link.

2. Built in browser (sucks!!)

3. Opera Mini and a built in browser.

Now with an Android based 3g or 4g smartphone, we have a larger list to choose how to get a wireless internet adventure rolling.

It can be a bit overwhelming to decide which net browser is the best choice for your unique wireless experience.

Some of us want SPEED!

Some want extra features, like an integrated LastPass add-on, and any Android mobile phone with the Android OS below 2.2 want a flash work around. We have come a long way from the original g phone.

The original built in mobile internet browser, based on the Google software, Chrome, is one of the best pre-installed browsers I've come across.

However, the fact that there is now a choice in how you surf the mobile internet. It is like

Lets clear up some confusion and identify the sweetest browsers on the App Market.

Skyfire Browser

Skyfire QRCode
Skyfire QRCode

Skyfire Browser

Do you have Android 2.1?

If you have a Samsung Intercept, then YES, you do.

This means that you cannot watch true flash (only "flash lite").

This browser solves that problem.

Using their servers to stream the video, you are able to watch flash video (such as

This is an incredible asset.

Skyfire is presently my default browser just because of the flash playing ability.

There are lots of other stellar points to this browser as well.

  • It integrates with the default bookmarks!
  • It has a fun "search feature" under the EXPLORE tab. It is more "just browsing" centered and not exactly useful for your scholarly needs. EXPLORE videos, images, random sites of interest, etc. by entering a term. Like I said, sounds like search, but is more random.
  • Nice drop down menu from the toolbar so you do not have to keep pressing the setting button.
  • Switch between desktop/mobile viewing.
  • Smooth tab switching interface.

So, you cannot live without this FLASH player. Snap the QRCode today! --------->>>>>>

Opera Mini

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Opera Mini

Opera is a great browser.

Granted, it is nothing new. 

This is a good thing in many ways.

Opera has more experience than many and continues to maintain a competitive edge in speed. 

From the AndroidTapp Review:


  • Lightning Fast mobile web browser!
  • Full web browsing in mobile experience
  • Opera Link for synchronizing bookmarks between desktop and phone
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Double Tap Zoom


  • Can’t launch YouTube videos from the browser

Opear Mini

Dolphin Browser HD

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Dolphin Browser HD

This is the browser for mobile that comes with add-ons.

It is as close to a desktop like browser you are going to get.

Small sampling of available add-ons:

  • Bookmarks to SD
  • Bookmarks Widget
  • Brightness Control
  • Browse Faster
  • Compact page Toggles
  • Desktop Toggles
  • Dolphin Alexa
  • Dolphin QR Share
  • Dolphin Reader
  • Find on LinkedIn
  • Fullscreen for Froyo
  • Google Reader Notifier

Dolphin Browser HD

How do you compare?

Which mobile browser can you NOT live without???

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    • wgs1912 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      There is a new one. Boat browser. Which I think is the new browser made by bolt browser which is now out of business.

    • profile image

      Frankie D 

      7 years ago

      I have a Samsung intercept. I couldn't download any of these browsers exept the Opera mini. However I'm very happy with it. much better than the one that came with the phone, and the speed alone is incredible. That alone is enough to make me keep it and not use any other, not to mention all the extras that it came with. Thanks Opera.

    • danatheteacher profile imageAUTHOR

      Dana Rock 

      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      @deanna, I checked all of them, and they all work through the QR code. You can always search their names in the Android Market to access them as well.

      If you mean that you download them successfully and then they fail to install, tell me what the error message says and I can help form there.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      the only one i can install is opera mini it gives me a error message on the other ones . help please


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