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Best advice and tips on buying a XENON portable DVD player

Updated on August 17, 2012

Why buy a Xenon portable DVD player?

Stereos or radios have mp3 players, computers have laptops, TVs and DVDs have portable video players. Recent technology advancement is in the direction of making portable counterparts from most home entertainment appliances. High cost is usually accompanied with these portable gadgets – especially if it manufactured by established or well known brands e.g. Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, etc… An inexpensive alternative is to go for the lesser-known brands but of course this is “buy-at-your-own-risk” kind of choice.

The Xenon PDVD-7025 portable DVD player

Have recently purchased a Xenon PDVD-7025 portable DVD player. As can be seen from branded portable DVD players showcased below, the Xenon portable DVD player is way cheaper when compared to other popular portable DVD players.

It is also indicated on the box that it is “supposedly” compatible and can play such formats as DVD, SVCD, VCD, CD, MP3, MP4, DivX, and JPEG. The instruction manual also indicated that it has built-in DOLBY digital decoder, supports SD/MS/MMC playback, has USB port input, CD ripping function, etc…

Back to the main topic and upon picking the item up from the store, it would appear that the unit is fresh from the box. Plastic protectors covered the display screen, front panel, even up to the outside lid. Did some tests and found the unit to be working: DVD drive, speakers, charger, and the external speaker input jack.

However, due to a lack of USB drive and memory card, was not able to test the said ports. In good faith, still bought the unit since it is from a local popular electronic store.

Why choose the particular Xenon portable DVD player?

From all these features, am only interested in movie playback from the card reader and USB source. Unfortunately, these are the two features not functioning properly on the device.

After some quick conversions and loading mp4 formatted files to the card reader, the mp4 files are not recognized by the unit. Apparently, the player is quite selective on the files that it is compatible with.

More disappointment!

Surprisingly, the USB port is not working at all!!! Tried inserted three different USBs, and all are not detected by the machine. After much tries and frustration, have decided to have the unit replaced. However, the store refused to change the unit due to some supposed scratches that looked more like fingertip marks!!! Whatever happened to the “7-day” replacement warranty? Scratches?!?!

Thankful that it is the holidays, will no longer argue. Instead will share my experience to warn and shed some insights when buying the particular product model and brand.

Some useful tips when buying a new gadget:

  • Test the unit thoroughly. Check all input and output source: DVD, USB, card readers, AV out, speaker jack, charging port, charging indicators if blinking or lighting correctly, volume controls, etc…
  • Check the unit for scratches. If you found a slightest hint of scratch, take note of it and if possible, photograph it.
  • Don’t buy glossy or shiny black items. Such items are fingertip magnets.

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