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Blogging on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Mixx, Digg, Hubpages

Updated on March 20, 2009

Why, what is your need?

 Why are you, yes, the person reading this, blogging? Trying to get the "high" score? is it to score money? Nyet. We all do it for free or at best, minimal amounts of "extra spending cash" depending on click throughs via the ads. Is it some sort of remote hope of fame? Maybe someone in Timbucktwo will stumble upon your blog out of the zillions out in cyberspace and by some miracle say, "whoa, this blogger is the best, we must hire him. Suzie, find out who it is". Is it out of some sort of personal lonliness and crave that need to be heard, like a lone message or radio wave being sent into the vastness of outer space, in hopes, someone will hear the faint cry or opinion. Do you crave attention because nobody else is? Maybe meet new people in exotic places and call them friends when   they are nothing more than a very remote acquaintance, at best. Maybe you think that the more "cyber friends" you have, the more secure and loved you will be to take up the lacking in your real world or lack of relationships whether married or not. Maybe you are rock wannabe or film student, posting your best on youTube, MySpace, Facebook, knowing millions just might, just might stumble upon them and then you just know, just pray, one of those is a record producer, film executive that finds your song, your short film, your singing, your writing, your whatever, as the best, Top of the Pop, most awesome ever and make you a star.

By now, I am sure all of us fall into at least one or more of the reasons. But what makes a Blog any good? You can cite organization, writing, topic all you want, but writing a good blog is not rocket science. It is more like writing about what is important to you and praying it strikes a "thingy" with zillions of others who will link to it, become a fan, a dear cyber friend.

Honestly, half of the stuff I read on blogs or Hubpages has little interest to me.

I  know, everyone writing thinks their stuff is interesting. There are surprises. I am sure we all have written stuff thinking it will be popular, yet the response is, nil. Then the opposite is true. Weird.

People who have zillions of cyber buddies via Facebook, MySpace, Mixx, Hubpages, Twitter and addicted in getting more is really a statement about how lonely they might be in "real" life. These "friends" are only commication friends or acquanitances. If something tragically happens to you or them, none would be there for you, to help or whatever, they would provide a sympathetic ear only or just vanish. Only real family members would really be there.

Twitter is an interesting toy. I can see how it would be cool to use for the famous, to keep in touch with "the real world". But, I know many who look at it as nuisance. Why would want to follow some "friend" around and communicate with only 140 letters? Half the twitter comments are just lame, one recording artist I follow wrote, "got out of the tired. going to bed. later." Geez, what an important announcement. Stupid. There might be some real valid uses to Twitter but it really is a gimmick. I like Senator John McCain's Twitter log, "going to Brussels". Heck, John, that IS a valuable piece of info!

Really, blogging is fun and addictive. It is like a muscian who has a drive to say something musically, whether or not anyone listens. It is the same mechanism that drives a writer, singer, actor, salesman to do what they do, they love it. But, don't take it too seriously. Don't make it "your life", don't allow it to addict you for that rush of being "published", because much of it is just an illusion. Lost in Cyberspace. 


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