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BooqPad - iPad 2 and Paper Notepad in One Folio Case - Leather, Leatherette or Recycled

Updated on April 30, 2011

The BooqPad for the iPad2 is as unique as its name. The BooqPad protects the iPad2 - but beyond protection the BooqPad is an iPad2 case that is user friendly. Unlike most other iPad2 cases the BooqPad has a place to slip in an ordinary note pad and a pen for those times you need everything at your fingertips. Convenience is the word of the day and whether you need pen and paper, iPad and stylus or both the BooqPad works.

Students taking notes, project planners planning a project or an executive giving a presentation are all good examples of real people using and carrying the BooqPad. The BooqPad is as much a system as it is an iPad2 Case. In-case access to all buttons and ports is important and the BooqPad is designed to leave all buttons and ports uncovered.

BooqPad - Napa Leather Coffee/Cream

The slim design of the BooqPad is revealed when it is closed. Its organization is revealed when it is open. The BooqPad opens wide and lays flat. One side has a picture frame type insert that fits around the iPad2 (symmetrical – cut outs shaped the same on top and bottom) and the other side is designed to hold a paper notepad (also designed for right or left handed users).

As in most folio type cases the paper notepad is held in place by slipping the stiff cardboard backside into an opening in the case. In a repeated theme the paper notepad can be inserted from either top or bottom of the BooqPad making it equally as easy to use for right or left handed. Whether you are right or left handed you will equally find the BooqPad handy to use in real-time situations. A pen fits into a simple opening located at the center of the BoogPad’s spine.

A couple of very thin slot type pockets peak from underneath the notepad support. They are very thin and will only hold a few business cards or credit cards. In addition there is enough space behind the notepad for small items such as airline or concert tickets or even a few bills for any unexpected cash only event. (Personally I would keep a close eye on my iPad2 screen and any other objects competing for space).

A 50 sheet notepad is included with each BooqPad. Without question it is not just any ordinary notepad. Booq describes the notepads as being made from 30% post-consumer materials with printing of soy ink. A variety of Booq notepad refills are available – each one specific to the expected users. Booq tries to anticipate the needs of creative people and in turn to provide them with custom tools. I believe that anyone would enjoy using the BooqPad – even to just take a few notes.

BooqPad - Leatherette - White/Berry

BooqPad - Recycled - Gray/Green

No one product suits all users so a variety of colors and materials are used to make three versions of BooqPads. Change in color and materials distinguish one version from the other. The high-end BooqPad is made of Napa Leather and is available in a Coffee (outside cover)-Cream (inside) color combination. For the green customers there are two BooqPads that may attract positive attention. The Gray (outside cover)-Green (inside) and the Sand (outside cover)-Plum (inside) BooqPad versions are constructed of custom woven fabrics that include recycled plastic bottles. Finally the third version is constructed of a leatherette fabric and is available in White (outside cover) and Berry (inside).

It is common to have more than one case for your iPad – some costing enough to be considered an investment. The BooqPad is available at two price points starting at $49. The Napa Leather Coffee-Cream version is the most expensive – costing over $100. All versions are designed the same – all the way to the snap tab the holds them closed while not in use.

BooqPad - Leatherette - Black/Gray

I see how organized the BooqPad design is and can imagine how easy it would be to use. I love that there is a notepad too. However, if you use your iPad2 away from your desk it might not suit all occasions. I have used my iPad in meetings where my lap was my desk. The ability to use the iPad2 as a tablet with a case that flips back upon itself is very handy. Hence the reason to have more than one iPad2 case, I suppose.

Booq has designed an amazing iPad2 case. It is modern and sleek in design, yet it is a bit old fashion at the same time. At first glance it could be mistaken for an ordinary folio – except the colors are much more pleasing than the classic black. Unsnap the flap, open it up and be surprised to see the iPad2 sharing space with paper and pen. Instead of seeing it as a contrast of eras see it as a joining of the best from then and now - producing efficiency - looking good as it does.


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    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 6 years ago from USA

      Thanks Midnight Oil.

      I love your name by the way - I seem to burn it more and more lately. :-)

    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 6 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Looks really cool - I just need to get an iPad first !! Vote up from me...