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Digital Note Taker Pen Wireless on any Paper

Updated on March 9, 2011

Digital Pen Writes on Plain Paper

The Wireless Digital Note Taker Pen has caught my eye. It is unique from some other digital pens because it needs no special paper and can be used without a computer. Carrying a paper notepad (any size will do) and a digital pen is much easier than toting a laptop.

Not a day goes by that I do not need to write notes to myself. Sometimes I enter them into my iPhone but when I am short on time or in an awkward situation I will write them on paper. A few days go by and suddenly I have notes in several different places. So much for the original reason to take notes in the first place.

Sometimes lengthy notes are necessary when attending a meeting. I often attend a town meeting and afterwards write a blog post from them. It is important to keep my facts straight and to write factual information. In conjunction with my voice recorder it is easy to keep my thoughts and ideas clear in my mind.

Digital Pens Bridge the Gap between Paper and Computers

Digital Pens bridge the gap between paper notes and digital notes. The days of quickly scribbling bits and pieces of lectures or business meetings may not change but remembering what those scribbles mean is now easier than ever before.

Digital Pen and Paper Less Expensive than Tablet PC

Not everyone can afford a tablet PC. In case you wonder why anyone would want one just imagine taking notes that can automatically be turned into text – eliminating the need to type them yourself. Imagine that your notes could be emailed in the original hand written form. Imagine that your hand written notes could be digitally searched by keyword.

The Wireless Digital Note Taker Pen lets your computer act like a tablet PC. With the mini USB cable connecting the receiver to your computer – everything you write or draw will automatically appear on your computer screen. If you are using the digital pen and receiver away from your computer the results are the same except the notes and drawings will appear on your computer screen once the receiver is connected to your computer via the mini USB cable.


What to Expect

Digital pens are larger than most other ink pens. That is to say, the barrel has more bulk than you are probably use to.

The ink cartridge is much like any replacement ink cartridge for any ordinary ink pen.

Up to 70 pages of hand written notes can be stored in flash memory.

This digital pen can be purchased for approximately seventy dollars from several different retailers.


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    • The Rope profile image

      The Rope 8 years ago from SE US

      Gotta have it NOW! Thanks for some great info, I've been wondering how well they worked. Appreciate the heads up.