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Business Notebook Cooler

Updated on April 21, 2010

Business Notebook Cooler

Business Notebook Cooler
Business Notebook Cooler

Introduction to the Business Notebook Cooler

Notebook coolers have been essential for many consumer overheating laptops for some time. In recent years the world of business notebooks has also taken off, with higher spec machines becoming more and more important.  With this increase, a business notebook cooler is essential in keeping a business laptop running effeciently, and preventing the loss of valuable business data.

A Business notebook cooler is an essential item for any employee currently using a business notebook.

Why Invest in a Business Notebook Cooler?

Business notebooks are often required in today's modern world for high media presentations, and offsite work on business critical documents. For this reason it is highly important to prevent overheating in your business notebook, which can easily cause reduced computer performance, and loss of data.

Too much heat inside a laptop can damage the CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, and Motherboard. A business notebook cooler can provide additional notebook cooling and increased airflow to help reduce internal hardware errors.  These hardware errors can cause loss of data, loss of time, and a stuttering performance while showing a prospective client a new product will NEVER look good!

What Kind of Business Notebook Cooler do I Need?

A business notebook cooler can vary from a sleek fan powered business notebook cooler to a passive cooling business notebook cooling pad. Whichever kind of business notebook cooler you choose to buy, you will be safe in the knowledge that they will help to keep your data safe, and your notebook running fast and error free.

A Passive business notebook cooler provides fan free cooling.  These business notebook coolers are usually pretty cheap, however they do not have quiet the same power as a standard business notebook cooler.

A fan based business notebook cooler is much more powerful, btu some people don't like the slightly chunkier look of these business notebook cooler.

Antec Designer Business Notebook Cooler
Antec Designer Business Notebook Cooler

Antec Business Notebook Cooler

The Antec Designer business notebook cooler provides a sleek stylish and powerful notebook cooling solution. The Antec Notebook Cooler range is by far one of the best known in the market, and their business notebook cooler is no exception to their level of quality and reliability.

The Antec Designer business notebook cooler is in my opinion one of the best looking business notebook coolers on the market, and is an ideal solution for any sales person or client facing employee who needs to look stylish and have a smooth, fast running, stylish business notebook cooler solution!

Zalman Business Notebook Cooler
Zalman Business Notebook Cooler

Zalman Business Notebook Cooler

Zalman has some of the world's best business notebook coolers. It is no surprise that Zalman notebook coolers are known for their reliability and effective, yet silent, cooling. Zalman have been quality manufacturers of quiet cooling technology for decades!

The Zalman notebook cooler range is a particularly good brand of business notebook coolers, since they are reliable, stylish notebook coolers which can still provide powerful notebook cooling, without making a lot of irritating fan noise.

While the Zalman business notebook cooler may seem perfect, you might have to shell out a few dollars more, but this brilliant business notebook cooler will last you for years, unlike cheaper brands, and can save you thousands of dollars in notebook maintenance costs by helping to prevent overheating laptops.

There are two main ranges of Zalman business notebook coolers, the NC1000 and NC2000, the first of which is for 15 inch notebooks, and the second for 17 inch laptops. Both these business notebook coolers are near silent and highly effective notebook coolers!


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    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 

      8 years ago from Virginia

      You sure know A LOT about laptop coolers! And since as I type mine is heating up I am very appreciative of your knowledge, Oli!

    • katiem2 profile image


      8 years ago from I'm outta here

      I,ve had my eye on these, it takes me awhile to come to a final choice on such things. Thanks for the great Business Notebook Cooler Hub it is very helpful. Peace :)


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