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Buying a TouchSceen Computer

Updated on October 21, 2009

With the improved touchscreen experience of Windows 7 the sale of touchscreen computers is antisipated to increase.

There are several types of TouchScreen computers that you can purchase.

No mater what type of touch screen you get you should make sure that you get a computer with a clean version of Windows 7 installed on it and not an upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows Vista.

You also should make sure that the touchscreen supports multi-touch by performing a Simple Multi-Touch Test.

All-In-One TouchScreen Computers

Over the last year or so a crop of so call Kitchen computers have cropped up. These are wide screen all-in-one touch screen computers. They are beautiful machines that have been sleek designs and can be used by just plugging in a single power cord. The idea is that they would be able to use these kitchen computers to quickly google things or watch videos on its nice large screen without needing to sit down at a desk with your keyboard and mouse.

Dell and HP are the two leading manufactures in this market. The Dell version is the Studio One line and HP has the TouchSmart IQ500 amd TouchSmart IQ800 series.

If you are looking for a cheap All-In-One TouchScreen, Asus offers a 15 inch All-In-One that is only $500.

Buy an All-In-One TouchScreen

Convertible Tablets

Convertible tablets are laptops with a touchscreens monitor. The convertable part is that you can rotate around and close the lid, so that you can write on it as a tablet. In addition to using your fingers on the touchscreen you also get a pen stylus with tablets. Just like the on-screen keyboard you can write in the box and it is automatically converted to text. Of course you can use a pen or stylus on any touchscreen, not just tablets.

Dell and HP have both started offering computers in this niche, the Dell Lattitude XT2 and the HP Touchsmart tx2. However, Fujitsu has focused on the tablet PC market for some time and the Fujitsu Lifebook is a proven system. Lenovo and Toshiba are also strong compeditors in this market.

If you like netbooks, Asus offers a 9 Inch convertable table which is only $500.

If you are looking for an Ultra Small Convertable Tablet the Fujitsu LifeBook U810 Mini-Notebook PC. This has a small 5.5 inch display and weighs just 1.5 pounds.

TouchScreen Monitors

Of course you can also use a touchscreen monitor with a standard computer. Alternativly you can also upgrade your existing monitor to a touchscreen monitor using a conversion kit.

N-trig and NextWindow are two of the companies that are pushing the touchscreen monitors forward and working on new technologies.


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    • aperturering profile image

      aperturering 8 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      Thanks Phil.

      If you are looking for a cheap rugged convertible the Mirus Classmate would be a great choice.

    • profile image

      Phil 8 years ago

      Good article. Good info and advice. One caveat... you've left out what is arguably the best convertible tablet for the price. That is Intel's Classmate/Schoolmate which is labeled under different supplier name and is intended for sales to the education system, though the public can easily purchase it as well. There are several features which set this one apart from the others (besides excellent price) and is definitely one of the sturdiest, well-built little laptops around. It's small size and rugged construction make this one a perfect tool for artists and craftsmen to take with them almost anywhere! (You can see I'm quite a fan of the touchscreen-tablet format)