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Chemtrails: Fact, Fiction or Cure

Updated on November 20, 2017
Chem Trail Cross
Chem Trail Cross | Source

What Gives?

When I first heard of spraying in the air, I thought that the people were crazy, but in time, my thoughts of endangerment, conspiracyand black operations came to hand. The more years that past, the more I found out that there were truth to the so called,chemtrails. Though most traffic controllers and weather men will not comment on the strange extraordinary events that surround these occurances, these streaks of white cloud-like substances criss cross the skies daily.

So, just what are these chemtrails? What are the purposes of them and who are allowing the aircraft to spray the substances across the skies? When I was in Missouri, I worked for a school district and one day, the soft drink delivery guy and I were standing outside. There was a jet that passed over and in minutes, there were spider web substances that floated out of the sky. We tried to gather some in envelopes and the soft drink guy took the envelope home with him. That night, he got real sick and he was sick for two long weeks. When he came back to work, he swore up and down that this spider web like substance made him deathly sick. In the mean time, there was a government camp not too far from where this happened called Fort Leonard Wood. At the time, there were people protesting the fort because the government transformed it into a biological area. The authorities at the fort informed the citizens and newspapers in the area that the government and the fort had the right to experiment on the general population.. According to the fort authorities, they had the right to spray bacterial agents into the air to see how it would spread and how many people would be affected by the bacterial agent.

Maybe some thoughts would be who, for what purpose and who is footing the bill. One idea that I would have is control of the people, for sure. With almost 7 billion people in the world, most politicians would want to settle the thoughts of riots and disruptions. When Jimmy Carter was in office, I remember the price of gas going up somewhat and people were marching, blocking and protesting in Washington, DC, but now, almost nothing is even whispered when the gas hits almost 5 dollars a gallon. Another thought of what is being done is evaluating the outcome of a biological strike and how it does travel. The black operations could be behind the operations, with saving the planet from the increasing rise of temperature by blocking out the sun's rays by having light reflective material in the spray. No matter what is happening, most likely the price is put on the public taxes.

In North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, the trees are dying at an alarming rate in the higher elevations from what the experts say that is caused by alumunim blockage in the roots. The chemtrails have been found to have a high aluminum content and this could be the cause of nutritition blockage. I remember when I was growing up as a teenager, the grass was so dark green that even the darkest blue jeans were stained with the chlorophyll but now the grass and trees are a yellowish green or what would be called, sickly-green.

Some ot the other theories are weather control, medical induction, DNA alteration, pharmaceuticals enhancement, spying on other countries, radar for underground bunkers, minerals and metals and for the purpose of hiding "ORBS".

No matter what I say is or is not happening, this event is happening around the United States, in your state and in your neighborhood.

Chemtrail Pics

What? If your mind is foggy, this may be the reason.

For years, aluminum has been associated with the brain not working as it should. Even small amounts of aluminum contributes to alzheimer's disease. All those years that people used aluminum pots and pans, people must have consumed more than the safe limit of aluminum. When people get older, their brains seem to be able to forget even the simplest details.

The chem-trails have been analyzed to have aluminum, boron and fiberglass fibers. The biologist have determined that the reason that the plants are turning a pale yellow-green is that the nutrient intake is being blocked by aluminum. In higher elevations, even the trees are dying from not enough nutrients and dying from starvation. The scientist have discovered that the plants that we consume for food actually have less nutrients that they did 15 years ago.

Are we on our way of destroying the plants of the field? Are we on our way to destroying the civilization of man and the creatures on earth? Who are the ones that are spraying and for what purposes are they doing this? There has to be human beings that will be strong enough to come forward to expose the truth.


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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you, Diana Lee, for shinning light on some more government intervention. If only we knew what is really happening, we would most likely revolt.

      Again, thank you for commenting and stopping by.

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 5 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      We as citizens are blinded by a great deal of things going on around us. I was told this was vapor trails from jets, but never questioned it. We really do need to pay more attention. It's not just chemicals dumped on us, but insects like ladybugs to kill gypsy moth and so called friendly flies to devour beetles killing our trees is an experimental practice we as the public don't even get a vote or alertness to. I can tell you both are annoying when faced with them in numbers around our homes. Thanks for calling attention to Chemtrails.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 6 years ago

      Thank you somethgblue for commenting on the Chemtrail article. When I lived in Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood became a biological training and testing facility. During this time, there were protests, demostrations and news articles. While there are laws protecting the public, the government can do any testing on the general population without their consent. Period. Fort Leonard Wood was spraying a bacterial agent into the air for testing and they admitted this. How much further has this gone? With the introduction of NANO-TECHNOLOGY, can the spraying also be controlling the people? killing off unwanted species? changing the DNA? Look at the brain wasting diseases and problems-is the aluminum that is being sprayed causing this? the bird/fish kills?

      Again, thank you for reading and commenting. You see and have opened your mind to what is going on!

      Thank you!!

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I can't believe I'm the first person to comment on this, I live in Tennessee and about two years ago everyone at my school broke out in this mysterious rash that looked like acne and many people were sick.

      It came on the heals of a particularly thick and obvious dosing of chem trails, as the skies were clear going into the weekend but by Saturday afternoon were crisscrossed with chem trails so much so that people were pointing it out to each other.

      I work part time as an umpire and all the players that weekend were commenting about all the chemtrails and joking about it. They weren't joking Monday when half the State called in sick.

      I read another Hub article just today about how they are used to put metallic particles in the air so that HAARP can use them to strengthen the signals for weather control.

      It's kind of long but it was really good, anyway I'm glad you are getting the message out because a lot of people don't realize they are real and mistake them for vapor trails, which happen much higher in altitude.

      Good Hub, off to read more of yours as we seem to be on the same page ( like the pun? )