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Are the Citizens Accepting Lies from the Media and Government?

Updated on January 10, 2018
...............Divuldged Secrets..............             It is Time  to Tell Someone!!!!!
...............Divuldged Secrets.............. It is Time to Tell Someone!!!!! | Source

Divulged Secrets

With all the corruption that is going on in the world, we always see things that people do that are not honest, not up to standard and sometimes against humanity. Even though we see these things, we seem to keep these buried secrets and sometimes we actually go to the grave without divulging these secrets.

Think of the things that have gone on in your life, those things that are dishonest, immoral, or against the laws that you never, ever mentioned to anyone. When we think of those things, we sometime stew and burn deep inside, with the question of why didn't we reveal these deep dark secrets to someone exposing what and who.

In our youth, how many of us have seen someone cheat on a test or even given another student your home work for them to copy or even copied the other student's homework yourself? How many times have you seen someone punch or cover another co-worker's time card or covered for another co-worker while not working?

The problem with this attitude of dishonesty and corruption is that the higher up on the chain of command of corruptions, the more massive the results, with more people involved. Being that it might be the massacre of innocent civilians in war or dumping the raw sewage into a creek during a rain, someone knows these hidden away secrets. For all of those family secrets and out of wedlock children that no one wants to talk about, there are those people that have not told of those undisclosed events.

My Dad and Mother as they got older, told me of things that all through my life, I had not known, such as sisters or brothers that I had not known, the conditions of my mother's childhood and of me being abducted from a hospital when I was born. My Dad would tell me of times of when he was in the army and tanks would run over civilian cars In Kentucky, with families inside and about the cover up that took place afterward . My Dad and Mother told me horror stories of their childhood and the adventures of growing old.

Now, as we get to a grander scale, think of all the people that are involved in the government, the world and the international events. What goes on that people have seen and being quiet? What about the flight 800, the U.S.S. Roosevelt, the 911 flights, the OKC bombing, the flight to the moon, the Area 51, the Twin Towers, Site "R", and Mount Pleasant? There are so many secrets that are not being told and the history books only tell of the events that are written down. What about the events that actually happened that are not written down? Do they just go to the grave with those how know the truth?

If the people who know the truth do not step and take a stand and tell the truth, they are lying to the history books. They are keeping the truth from the people, even to the point to making heroes out of cowards, promoting un-godly acts and teaching our future generations that corruption, greed and dishonesty are acceptable.

I always thought that telling the truth was right, even if the conquences meant me becoming poor, hungry and homeless, then let it be. I will respect the truth and be poor, hungry and homeless. I think that the truth is far better than hiding dishonesty, greed and corruption. Stand up and be heard, be counted and expose those who lie and cover the truth.

It Is Time to Come to the Speaker Stand

The wars that the people fought in had horror stories that came out, but the stories were capped and hushed. In almost every job, people did things that they were ashamed to say that they did, but kept the secret all their lives. The airport tower workers, also, know of the truth that happened, but are afraid to come forward with the truth.

Why are people so afraid to tell the truth? Is it because they believe that the National Security is at risk? Is it because they are threatened with losing their lives? Is it because they are threatened to lose their jobs? How about afraid?

There are numerous stories reported by the media that are lies and cover-ups. Why are there not people who know the truth coming forward to tell the truth as to what really happened? There are many intelligent and highly trained technicians that know who, when and how things happened. There are pilots, news reporters, politicians, preachers, people in the military, workers, by-standers and those who know the truth, but will take the secrets to the grave. How many murders, killings, slayings, burnings, hangings, thefts, embezzlement, manipulations and other illegal activities that are not reported or covered up.

Who will come forward to tell THE TRUTH about:





















Lies being Told

Is a little lie of big concern? The answer is a big, "YES". No matter how little the lie is, it affects the outcome the situation. Hitler told his citizens over and over lies and with a matter of time, the lies become truth. Even when logic, common knowledge and statistics show beyond a shadow of a doubt that the lie is a lie, something in our psychological minds tell us that those in command know the absolute truth. They would never lie to the citizens and the repercussions of going against the established "truth", the elite, those in command and the media would make those searching for "truth" sound "stupid", uninformed and "hillbilly".

Some of the events reported to have taken place in history are just plain impossible to happen, without divine help from God or an entity Man on Earth can live between about 0 degrees and 125 degrees F. above zero. Going out into space, the temperature range between 300 degrees below zero and 3500 degrees F. above zero. Back in the late 60's, the government and the media reported that the astronauts ventured into space and even landed on the moon.

For anyone who has ever gone camping, one of the main light sources is the Coleman Lantern, which burns pressurized gasoline. Other light sources include electrical, battery and even pressurized kerosene. Jet fuel is also kerosene. The metal and glass pressurized kerosene lantern has a light as bright as a 500 watt light bulb and gives off immense heat, but still this is not enough to melt the metal and glass enclosure. The media and the government reported that the twin towers and the tower number 7 was taken down by jet fuel (kerosene). The metal beams that the buildings were built with also had heat protection applied. Logic, reason and plain sense applied, this is impossible.

We are taught to accept and to tell lies. This is taught to each child from the beginning. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, the Elves, where babies come from, what happens when we die and the list goes on.

The lies will not stop... the truth searchers will keep searching...

Moon Landing Lies

Van Allen Belt Information

Have you ever worked at a place that you knew for sure that corruption took place?

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Do you have any deep dark secrets that you are going to die with?

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Have you ever killed, raped or commited crimes against other people and got away with it?

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Have you ever stolen money from your place of work or from your relatives and no one knows about it?

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Do you know of any activity that should be brought out into the open that you witnessed?

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