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Updated on January 21, 2015

What Is is an ads network that promises to give its publishers the highest CPM rates in the industry, they claim that per impression the publisher can get about $0.0015 and per click something close to that, do they,however, give these? I've tried these and I'll tell you what! Do not join them! I've wasted my time using them and I'm warning you not to waste your time there as well because, oh well let's mentions the reasons.

They Do Not Give What They Claim

They claim to give about $0.0015 per impression and about 0.011 per click but they do not give these, their CPM rates are not constant although they claim that they have them constant, in fact their CPM rates keep on changing and I've tried them, per 1000 impressions their maximum rate is $0.07 which is nothing compared to other networks such as CPMfun and others, that's if you're lucky enough to get your CPM rate to 0.07, my CPM was about $0.05 and it kept on changing - to less - and it's absolutely a waste of time, impressions, ad space and clicks.

They Choose To Count What They Want

They choose to count whatever they want, even if you get about 1000 impressions, they'll count these as 300 if not less! I was totally watching all the reports that I had on my own site, from the raw impressions to the unique IP's and impressions, when my unique impressions were like 200 in my site's reports, I've had only about 50 unique impressions on the reports of this CPMhigh ad network, who do they think they're fooling? | Source

They'll Use You Then Suspend Your Account

They will use you for the impressions and the clicks that you would bring them and then they would really suspend you without any prior notice and without paying you a cent! That's what happened for me and it will happen for you too! Be careful!

At first, they'll block your IP so you won't be able to view their site and whenever you try to visit their site there will be a little message telling you " Fatal error" and things related, that's what happened with me, then the next 2 days I tried to open their site again and it has opened but when I was trying to log in with the same username and password that I've always used to log in with, the site started to tell me " wrong password or username " which means they've suspended my account for no reasons!

I've searched online for the possible reasons and all of them cannot really lead to getting my account suspended because when they have activated and accepted my site it was because they found that my site approves and gets along with their TOS and everything so why would they suspend my account all of a sudden knowing that I haven't changed anything in my site and the same things were running - the same things they've agreed my site with - my content was appropriate and everything was Okay!

" If your account is disabled, you will not be eligible for further participation in the cpmHigh program. Because we may change our policies at any time"

reading this sentence alone makes you find out how spamming they are! They will be using you and then suspend you with the excuse of changing their policies and that your site doesn't comply with their NEW policies anymore!

Take it from someone who has experienced and tried this! Please do not join them! They're spammers!

You're free to add your comment and experience with this site - if you have - in the comments box section.

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