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Don't Join These Writing Revenue Sharing Sites!

Updated on November 7, 2014 | Source

Earning Online

When it comes to earning money online, we all become enthusiastic to search for other sites for more and extra income because it's fun to earn it in this way and because we sometimes feel that we have to make our leisure times beneficial.

This article will be mentioning some of the writing revenue sharing websites that you shouldn't join not because they might be spam or not legit but because of other reasons, check them out below.

Please note that the report and reviews below are based upon many writers reviews and not just my personal one.

1- Postanyarticle

Many users claimed that the moderators of the site don't treat them well, sometimes they decide to delete your articles without any previous notice or just ban you all of a sudden and without any additional info and reasons.

Why would anyone think about joining a site that can't be trusted to have your hard work and content in it?

2- Wikinut

This site is very popular among writing revenue sharing websites and it also has a very high Alexa rankings in search engines but the sad reality and truth is that writers are not well compensated for their hard work, yes your articles there can get many views but the earnings are a total joke!

There's a guy who couldn't earn more than 0.50 cents knowing that he had over 53,000 views!

3- Triond

This site isn't popular so if you want to post your articles there and get views and traffic to them then you have to work for it and keep on promoting your topics, how would we have a passive income out of this?

Besides knowing that the site isn't famous enough to write for, the site has serious technical issues! Their pages just run real slow and it would take you more than 2 minutes to reach your clicked links and destinations there.

4- Tecklr

Teckler has very low earnings potentials for writers, yes the site is good and pretty well famous at least for writers but it doesn't treat its contributors good concerning the earnings.


There was a guy who had some high quality articles and out of about 7000 views he only earned 0.47 cents! Such a waste of effort and time! | Source

5- Infobarrel

Infobarrel is pretty generous concerning the share cuts of the site's generated revenues, it shares about 75-80% of Google Adsense earnings with their contributors but the thing here is that unfortunately the site seems to be ran by not fully developed admins and writers who reject your article even if it had high quality.

The site doesn't seem to update the FAQ page as well, although many updates and modifications concerning the design and the forum were done but the tutorials and the FAQ page are still unchanged and untouched.

It's a pain to write for this site! Their design is simply tiring and you'd waste all of your time trying to know how to post photos and how to arrange them.

I personally had to undergo into this pain and I wrote an article that took me about 5 hours, then I had to wait about 2-3 days to get it approved or not only to find out that it was rejected because of little spelling mistakes or other mistakes like writing a word twice consecutively without realizing this. I surely deleted the article from there and I posted it on here and it got directly and quickly approved and featured knowing that Hubpages is surely a site more developed and experienced.

6- Helium Network

This site's moderators are ready to delete contributors articles without any previous notice and sometimes ban their users due to their changing TOS and the fact that they have the full control over the site and the right to delete articles whenever they please.

If you ever decide about writing for this site then you should surely keep copies of your articles before posting them there.

There you have it, don't join these sites! And if you ever join them then I hope you realize they're not well trusted whether for your content or to get you compensated for the hard work.

If you have any experience with these sites don't hesitate to share them with us and if you have good and trusted writing revenue sharing websites then we hope you also share these with us!

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    • Dean Traylor profile image

      Dean Traylor 2 years ago from Southern California

      Another update: Wikinut doesn't compensate anymore. It's a free in writers will not be paid for their articles. At least they've allowed writers to delete their accounts.

    • seraphic profile image

      Seraph 3 years ago from Canada

      Helium did not pay unless you rated and participated in the community to an unrealistic degree. I wrote on there for quite awhile,I pulled all of my articles off before the deadline.

    • Dean Traylor profile image

      Dean Traylor 3 years ago from Southern California

      Helium's gone as of December 15. Then again, they stopped accepting submission back in May. It was pretty much on life-support until most writers were able to pull their stuff of that site.

    • Gina145 profile image

      Gina145 3 years ago from South Africa

      Since you published this hub Teckler has closed down.

    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 3 years ago from USA

      Feel free to use my comment anyway you wish.

    • RanaKm profile image

      RanaKm 3 years ago

      Absolutely right about Bubblews! I've had a negative personal experience with the site too! Thank you for adding them here :)

      About Knoji, I've never had any experience with the site but I've read some negative reviews too so I think it should be one of these sites, thank you again!

    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 3 years ago from USA

      You forgot one or two: The infamous Factoidz, now known as Knoji. Bubblews: If you have considered joining stay away from it.

      Once you open account, they have you by the seat of your pants if you publish anything on there.

      For one thing, if you block cookies, you pretty much won't be able to do anything on the site.

      If you decide to leave and close account, forget it because they don't allow you to do that. If you request it, they ignore your requests