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How To Get Facebook Likes Without Paying!

Updated on March 5, 2015 | Source

Facebook Likes

Do you want to get Facebook likes to your page(s) without having to pay anything at all?

Today I'll be sharing with you guys some of the things that I have noticed, some Facebook pages get famous and likes by doing the things that I will mention below.

I personally have some Facebook pages which I get them likes whenever I feel like it but I don't have much till now because it's very rare for me to touch my Facebook pages.

Time just flies when I check my personal Facebook home page, I feel I would have already wasted enough time on Facebook alone, so that's why I just don't pay much attention to likes and things although they're important when you plan to have a decent job and a passive income online.

Let's mention some of the things and methods now, you might know some or most or all of these but anyway I'll write them just in case you do not know.

1- Tag a celebrity!

post an attention seeker photo or information along with tagging a celebrity's name, I've seen many pages who get attention from a vast number of people by doing so especially those who gossip about celebrities!

Do you know why? Well, if you say it's an old system that Facebook used to make then I don't think so, because I haven't realized that happening in the last year for example.

When you tag a celebrity in a specific post, this post will get the chance to be viewed in the news feed of most of the people who have already liked the page of the celebrity that you would have tagged.

If the celebrity that you would tag has about 20 million likes, then imagine this post's probability of getting viewed in people's news feed.

Let's assume that your post has got be viewed in about and at least 200 thousand news feeds and from the 200 thousand 10 thousand impressions, from that you might get attention from about 2000 people where some of them might continue scrolling without caring. Others might read it and like the photo itself alone.

Some might also continue checking your photos and might or might not end up liking your page so this whole process would have been happened just by tagging a celebrity.

Remember that getting attention to your post would be only under your control, you will not get attention just because of tagging a celebrity, you will just get your post an opportunity to be viewed by a big number of people. | Source

2 - Make the fans participate

Try to make the people who already like your page participate with you in the posts that you put, by commenting, liking or sharing because the more participants you get the more your post could be viewed by the friends of friends of the people who have participated in your posts.

You're probably asking now " How can I get them into participating?"
You can post interesting things, put photos that contain questions and phrases like " let's see if you're smart", people usually like to answer things as such and each and every person would try to give the most accurate answer to show that he/she knows. | Source

3 - Promote your page:

Promote your page by posting the link to it in comments or posts in other Facebook pages which have the biggest number of likes, like 1 million or 500 thousand likes.

Just don't post comments or posts talking about your page to pages with smaller popularity because your chances of getting attention in less popular pages are little, knowing that your post could be seen by more people in popular pages.

So, what if you post your comment on non popular pages, how much would you expect? If you can get 10 people to like your page from a specific popular page then your chances from non popular pages would be at most one new person or two maximum!

You can also promote your Facebook page on other popular sites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, tumblr, Pinterest and some others. It would be also interesting if you would have good number of followers and friends. | Source

4 - Post interesting content

Finally my friends, the key to getting success in whatever you do concerning this subject is strictly related to your content, make it beneficial, interesting and friendly and see how by time you'll start getting a bigger audience and likes.

The content is the most important step here that's why I liked to put it the last, because people usually remember what they read at last most of the times so.

In general, it was so much easier for pages to get likes before because Facebook just didn't use to a have a system concerning this and pages used to easily spread and appear in news feed.

But when Facebook saw that a lot of people started using Facebook pages as a business to promote, communicate , sell, get fans and then money, Facebook thought and said " why not I take my share from this?"

So, it started to promote the tools it has to help people promote their pages by making them pay a certain amount of money.

If you don't use the tools then you don't get any promotion from Facebook like the old days, you know? Yes I wish if we'd go back to these old times to get me some likes from Facebook promotion without paying none.

Facebook benefits from every user on it without having to use this silly policy and system for promoting pages, as advertisers might pay Facebook hundreds and thousands of dollars for their ads to get displayed in Facebook.

All the users can see the ads displayed or click on them and by that Facebook would be benefiting from its users without sharing this with the users, although Facebook would be totally nothing without its users.

It should at least share a cut with its users just like YouTube for example.

YouTube is a very big and popular site but yet it would still pay users to contribute and participate in it by uploading videos so I think Facebook should share with the users too, are you with me?
I know I've got out of the main subject, but this subject is also interesting so.

I hope you find this article beneficial and helpful, don't forget to check out these cool random articles below!

Let's hear it from you!

Do you think that Facebook should share a cut with its users?

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    • DealForALiving profile image

      Sam Deal 3 years ago from Earth

      Do you think that people still value likes the way they used to? It seems like people aren't working to build a list of likes.