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Canon Digital Camera Prices Philippines Promo

Updated on March 18, 2012

My Canon Digital Point and Shoot Camera

I have a Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Elph point and shoot camera. One thing I can say is that it's very durable since I've used it for around four to five years now. The quality is really good and it has a decent manual settings. For something that is really old, it's still able to compete with the digital cameras today. It's all about megapixels after all. This is something that I have already discussed in my things to consider before buying a digital camera article.

I actually started out with a film SLR and this is really where I learned a lot about camera settings and many other things. I do prefer film over digital anytime. This is a sentiment that film photographers understand. There's just something about the organic texture of film that's just so unrivaled. Anyway, before deciding to buy a digital SLR, I now use a Nikon Digital SLR, I decided to buy a point and shoot first. This is, I guess, so I can learn even more and get to practice even without the full manual settings of the digital SLR. I used it for three years actually before moving on to my Nikon D40.

In this article I will be showing you some neat pictures and videos I was able to take with my point and shoot and at the same time tell you some more stories about my love for photography.

My Canon Point and Shoot Digital Camera
My Canon Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Canon Digital Cameras

As I have mentioned, I actually shot a lot of videos with this camera as well and they're pretty decent. Actually, many of my videos in my YouTube account are all made using this camera only. I do believe that the video capabilities of point and shoot digital cameras are underrated. My camera's 2.8 aperture (big opening for light to come in) gives it competitive quality especially for videoing or shooting at low light conditions. It's sucks though cause the settings aren't really full manual so I can't really choose 2.8 at all times. It also has a 4.6 to 17.3mm diameter, giving it that wide angle that's really perfect for making films or such. Of course it isn't HD quality and resolution. This is why now I have a Canon VIXIA HV40 camcorder for my video works.

Check out this photo I took of when I cooked Lamb Chops Recipe:

A photo of something I cooked taken with my Canon Digital Camera
A photo of something I cooked taken with my Canon Digital Camera
One time I was bored and stuck in traffic I took this with my Canon point and shoot digital camera
One time I was bored and stuck in traffic I took this with my Canon point and shoot digital camera

Here are some examples of how I was able to create high dynamic range photographs using HDR software. Ideally you need three different exposures to be able to do this. Luckily my digital camera comes with shutter speed settings that can be altered to a certain extent. It can really create interesting effects and can really enhance the quality of the photo and give it a more unrealistically vibrant and cartoon-like appearance. I actually wrote about the HDR photography software.

A trip to Majayjay Falls here in the Philippines
A trip to Majayjay Falls here in the Philippines
A pseudo HDR photo of an ostritch from Subic, Philippines
A pseudo HDR photo of an ostritch from Subic, Philippines

Shooting Videos with a Canon Digital Point and Shoot

Here's one of the videos I was talking about. Actually, why not add me up on my YouTube account or subscribe. I actually made a lot of other videos using this camera like the ones that I talked about in my Trippy Adobe After effects article here on Hubpages.

Having a digital point and shoot camera is something that's very important for a blogger like. And as you can see, it's already been proven useful in my other interests and hobbies. For instance, the first photo shows that I like taking photographs of food. This is something that is utilized when I write on my food blog and makes it really visual and attractive to my readers.

One time when I was bored in the classroom and I had my Canon Digital Camera with me
One time when I was bored in the classroom and I had my Canon Digital Camera with me

As you can see I am drawn to heavy editing and really having surreal effects in my photos especially when I am using digital. I do enjoy treating the world like it's my coloring book and manipulating reality and changing things depending on whatever my imagination dictates.

I think the lesson here is that you don't need expensive camera equipment to be in love with photography. Just by having a point and shoot, you can create beautiful photographs and preserve wonderful memories. It doesn't matter how crappy your equipment or gadgets are. It's all about being creative and imaginative.

I love my Canon digicam. I bring it around with me most of the time. It's actually very useful to always have a point and shoot camera with you not just for photos but also for videos. I hope this blog post has been helpful or entertaining. Until next time! See you around!


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    • emdi profile image


      6 years ago

      great hub Harry

    • Harry Santos profile imageAUTHOR

      Harry Santos 

      7 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      thanks for dropping by! :)

    • noahggavin profile image


      7 years ago from UK

      Thank You nice hub. Have fun with the camera ...


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