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CellAllures The Lite S

Updated on June 17, 2014

The Lite S

The Lite S

The Lite S is a new phone by the company CellAllure that is really gaining a strong following in South American and other areas worldwide. However, now that company is beginning its assault on the market in its quest to be a big player in the USA it most overcome other obstacles. First it is going to have be promoted in a way that many other companies won't. Due to the companies name being lesser-known it is imperative that the company push to use social media as its main asset. There are many ways for small companies to become break through companies on a budget. It is going to be highly important that the company not only push top quality phones like the Lite S but that they do it quickly. The Competition is fierce out there yet the Lite S is like a sleeper cell waiting to attack. This phone is very similar to most phones being put out today. It is one of the smaller phones with a 4.5 inch lcd display and really looks like the kind of phone everyone has size wise. It is sleek looking and incredibly compact looking. The great thing about this phone is its durability. It is made of powerful material and as all smartphones from CellAllure do comes with a case. CellAllure started off as a company that made add-ons and accessories for smartphones already in the market. When it comes to trusting there accessories they were at one point a top producer for that industry. With there eye moving more toward creation of smartphones, the Lite S, has come equipped with what makes an extremely powerful smartphone.

J. Williams unboxing The Lite S

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Lite S VS. competition

The Lite S will be facing a lot of competition out there. Brand names form Google to Apple will be out there. Windows will be releasing it's phones as will Samsung. Even old players are now returning to the field. Competitors like Motorola and Nokia are returning to try to reclaim there victory over the smartphone world as they had with old style cell phones. Since there fall from grace Apple and Samsung have been the top of the chain with companies like HTC not far in the background. Now with competition comes more buyers. Yes the idea of competitors will be a fact that pushes the Lite S in some respects. Figure that many people will be looking for a phone that has top technological specs but don't want to be restricted by price. Or some consumers will be out to buy smartphones that do not have a contract. This selling point will be huge for the Lite S. It comes as an unlocked phone. This means, as all CellAllure smartphones are unlocked, that it will be an extremely inexpensive phone not calling for commitment. The payment for service is up to the consumer, something not offered by most brands, especially not for reasonable choices. When available on the market the Lite S will offer people many of the same spec as the more common phones out there. The HTC Max One or the Google Nexus really don't have anything better in the ways of specs or looks over the Lite S. The Lite S however, will be able to retail at a much cheaper price. It's competition can not compete with the prices CellAllure is offering. Now the heavyweight competitors like Apple or Samsung may have phones with better specs. This is one of CellAllures midlevel phones. Yet, if someone is looking for a phone of the caliber of Galaxy or IPhone 5 S check out CellAllures The Amazing II( or The Monster. Again if it just needs to work against a phone it really does have speed and durability.

The Lite S

It's all about the price

The Lite S has a price that really can not be beat. It is a strong competitors spec wise have a 1.2GHz quad core processor and 4 G connection. It has a 4.5 inch screen which for the size of the phone is quite large. The phone is an impressive powerhouse, and really consists of extreme quickness. Flipping through pages has really never moved this quick for me with other phones. There is no lagging and it moves very fluently. If taken in comparison to other phones it is really on the cheaper side. For what it brings it is surprising that this phone unlocked only cost $191.00 MSRP. I mean that is one heck of a value for a phone that with no contract would probably cost upwards of $600. This is a little less then a third the price. An IPhone 5 S that has no contract and is brand new could cost you $799. That is a ridiculous price to pay to basically have a phone that is a little more powerful. Really what your paying all that money for is brand recognition. Now is that really worth the cost? In my opinion it is not and currently I can't say that anything phone wise at that price could pull me in. I feel like it is clear that a phone at that value level should be a top bought phone. I'm passionate about what this company is doing because they are leading the way in opening doors to unlocked phone. They are making it so you do not have to stuck in a contract or sign up for service in order to get a phone at a reasonable price. This really is a powerful movement for smartphones in general. This could change the way the whole industry works. Take a little bit of power away from the service provider and give it back to the people. If price is king then so is freedom. The freedom to choose is truly the way to go. This is the ability to buy phone you want without breaking the bank and without being forced to be in a long term contract you do not want.

Dual Sim Card

The Idea of dual sim card

One last thing I want to stress that The Lite S as all phones created by CellAllure contain a Dual Sim card ability. What this means is that you are able to program two numbers into a single phone. This is a top ability for consumers who are business men. Imagain being able to have one phone and separate your business calls and your regular casual calls. it goes further then just offering different numbers to people. Think about going to work and your entering an important meeting. Calls from social circles could be distracting. However, during the meeting you are waiting for a particular call from a company that is suppose to call during the meeting. You can simply switch your social or causal number into airplane mode and only let calls for the business number through. This means you wont get a bunch of accidental calls not dealing with business. Now this may seem like a small thing but think about this. The Amount of data a phone like The Lite S can hold is immense. The amount of contacts held by a phone with a Dual sim card is huge. You wont have to worry about deleting certain contacts or text messages to make room. I've been impressed by what the Lite S can offer me. There is so much innovation and room for growth with this company overall. The Lite S is but one of the phones that really makes you wonder "why am I paying so much money."

J Williams sample video

The Lite S

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    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      Believe it or not there price is really inexpensive, that's there key selling point. It's a fully unlocked phone, direct to consumer would be $191.95. They really are impressive phone for a ridiculous price I myself was impressed, thank you for reading.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      Very informative. I agree the competition will be fierce considering everyone always want the latest phone and for most money is no object when it comes to having the newest "in" thing. I liked the sleek design and if the price was reasonable I would give it a try.