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Christian Search Engines

Updated on March 14, 2011

Christian Search Engines

Christian Search Engines are actually quite common and I was going to give you a list of some of the best Christian Search Engines and discuss some of them in more detail.  I hope you find this article about different Christian search engines useful even if you are not a Christian.  I have no real strong views about Christianity myself and you also have to bear in mind that their are many different types of Christianity from Protestants, Roman Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses and more and all have different views and opinions.  These Christian search engines aim to provide Christian content and some only include certain Christian sites in their searches.

If you are a strong Christian you may be interested in these sites and find them useful material and may even want to consider using them more often especially when looking for material for Church and looking at the Bible.

I hope you find this article useful and by the way I am not even really Christian myself and I want no love or hate comments!

An interesting site which lets you perform a search for a keyword and you can find Christian search results from approved Christian sites.  The site also has rated many of the sites out of 5 letting you know the best Christian websites out there and I think most Christians will like it.

Seekfind are not aiming to become the Christian Google but want to be used so you can research information and get results from evangelical Christian perspectives. is slightly different in that you use it to search for your nearest church or things like Christian music. Categories include art, christ based businesses, music, news, prayer, Jesus, internet, family, military, worship, shopping and more!

Christian Search Engines

I hope you have found this list of Christian search engines useful and this article is meant to be a useful guide to finding some slightly different search engines that you may like to use sometimes.  These sites are by no means meant to replace Google or Bing and for the record I am no Christian myself although I agree with Christianity a lot more than with any other religion.

I do not want any ranting comments about other religions or about how Christianity is so good/bad/evil or how God does or does not exist and trying to prove that or whether Jesus is the son of God or attacks on other forms of Christianity or other religions like Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism. I have no responsibility for the comments on this page but I will try to delete any useful comments and questions about these sites, the article or other Christian search engines to add to the list and I may include them.

I welcome any useful comments that are not rants, about how (whatever) religion is greater or worse and that are NOT SPAM!

Thanks for reading and why not check out some of my other hubs?

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