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Compass iPad Stand - Stylish yet Functional

Updated on July 10, 2014

Stands for the iPad are a major market. Apple and numerous third party companies offer cases that morph into stands as well as stand-alone stands. They are available in steel, aluminum, plastic, and leather. Some are portable while others are not. Some are versatile while others are not. The Compass iPad Stand, by Twelve South, will definitely fit into the portable and versatile category. It is both minimal and adjustable which allows it to fit into a small pouch (included) that will fit easily into any back, backpack or purse. It is substantial and is heavy enough to support an iPad without worry.

The best description of the Compass iPad Stand is an easel. Three legs smoothly open to form the support for the iPad. There are little rubber pegs that fold out of the two front legs of the Compass. They allow for the iPad to be used in the portrait mode or the landscape mode.


 A fourth leg is hinged within the back easel leg that folds out to put the iPad into a typing or working mode position. While not in use you would not know it was there. The work mode allows the iPad to lay almost flat with a slight incline – making it comfortable to type on.


The Compass iPad stand is constructed from steel that is powder coated to give it the look of aluminum. It looks like a well machined tool whether it is closed or in the open stance. It weighs under a half pound (6.9 ounces). In the closed position the Compass iPad Stand measures 7.1 inches long x 1 inch wide x .04 inch thick. In the open position the Compass iPad Stand measures 5.2 inches tall x 6.3 inches wide x 4.6 inches deep. While in the typing work mode the Compass iPad Stand provides a 15 degree viewing angle and it measures 1.4 inches high x 6.3 inches wide x 6.1 inches deep. Rubber inserts protect the iPad from scratches.


The Compass iPad Stand is an accessory that should be kept at hand even if you do not use it for everyday computing. The Compass iPad Stand is elegant – no doubt. It is easy to transport and can be used anywhere that you can find a flat surface. It is not meant to use in your lap or in an area that the iPad could get bumped around a lot. Now that the seven inch tablets are closer to being reality such as the Samsung Galaxy and other Android Tablets the Compass iPad Stand may work for those as well.

It transforms from a compact piece-of-steel into a useful device and then back again to a compact-piece-of-steel. I think it is very cool.


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