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Creating your user account on Skype

Updated on December 2, 2012

Creating A User Account With Skype

Skype is the best Voice over ip (voip) software available - Free for use today. Although is really excellent and very simple to use, I've encountered a large number of my clients and friends who have not used Skype simply because they think its rocket science to do so.

Very often just to encourage a client or a friend I've sent them an Email with explicit instructions on how to create their Skype account. Once done, how to download and install Skype on their computers and begin to use Skype.

Quite often, I found that my Email instructions were overwhelming for them. I've actually had to use Team Viewer, take control of their computer remotely myself then install and configure Skype for them to use.

Hence, I thought that I'd create a series of Hubs, with screen grabs, and text instructions, to help anyone create their user account with Skype.

Then how to download / install and configure Skype on a computer ( Desktop or Laptop it does not matter, its exactly the same ).

To start of use your Browser and navigate to the Skype website.

If you do not know Skype´s URL, just open a Google search window in your Browser and then type in the word - Skype. Google will give you the Skype URL in the blink of an eye.

At the top right hand corner of all Skype pages the Join In button is visible as shown in diagram 1.

Diagram 1. The Skype Join In button
Diagram 1. The Skype Join In button

When the – Join Skype – button is clicked the Skype registration page will be displayed in your Browser as shown in diagram 2.

Notice the Skype Name and Password section that has been marked in diagram 2.

Diagram 2.  The Skype Join Form
Diagram 2. The Skype Join Form

The Login ID and Password you filled into the Skype Join In form, is what you will use to Login into Skype after installing, configuring and running Skype on your computer.

Do not forget to write down Your Skype Login Name and Password to preserve it. You must remember these to Login to Skype whenever you need to.

What I did was create a new Note on my mobile phone named Skype in which I typed in my Login ID and Password and saved this for future use.

Once this phase is complete, you are ready to to install and configure Skype on your computer. I've written a step by step process for doing so in my Hub Downloading and Installing Skype.

Ivan Bayross
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      skype is good for chat