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DIY management software

Updated on September 13, 2012

Expensive software?

Make one for your company. All you need is fantasy
Make one for your company. All you need is fantasy

This article is dedicated to management software. You all know how much does one management software cost. Maybe for bigger companies this is nothing, but it surely means a lot to small businesses and mid sized companies, who try to reinvest every cent. So, people awake and do not pay for those expensive software applications. Use the power of Google Drive, like in the previous article and design your application for management of your income, warehouse management and everything you can imagine. All of this can be easily achieved, and all you need is imagination and some free time. If you read our previous article, the first steps are completely the same. A form in Google Drive must be made. Name it Management. The next step is to design the form. In the form questionnaire, you will see the Sample question option. For every question, you must define the type of answer. This variable can be text, multiple choice, answer, check boxes and some other options. It is up to your imagination to decide what is best for your application. Many people are not aware of this free and wonderful tool. If you have set up all the questions and formatted all answers that visitors must provide, you are all done to go to the next step. The next step is to perform some data filtering according your needs. Open new sheet and name it as you wish. Here the filtering is performed. Do not worry; there is no need of any programming knowledge, only some simple math expressions are essential. To do that, I recommend you to read this article about EXCEL tutorials. Here you can find all the things you need about different commands in EXCEL, because Spreadsheet's in Google Drive are exactly like EXCEL. This application was developed for the needs of my dear friend, who is a doctor. I will provide some pictures to those who are skeptical about this application. This application works perfectly and is simple to use. My friend uses this application to schedule surgeries and different examinations. All doctors in his team also use this application, of course without administrator rights. Because the application is web based, and the link is pretty long and hard to remember, we recommend some URL shortening websites.

If something is not clear, remember that I am always here to share my knowledge and experience.

Managing patients

Filtering the data


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