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DiscloseTV Gets Seized by US Internet Security Task Force

Updated on May 1, 2013

Screen Capture

This is the message you get when clicking on Disclose TV a paranormal video site that was recently 'seized' but in the past has revealed some incredible footage of UFO's and paranormal activity.
This is the message you get when clicking on Disclose TV a paranormal video site that was recently 'seized' but in the past has revealed some incredible footage of UFO's and paranormal activity. | Source

Is This A Hoax?

I've searched the internet far and wide for information on this event and have found many sites and articles that are claiming it is a hoax to drive up business and create publicity, however no one is offering any proof one way or the other and the site still remains down.

Even the Wayback Machine cannot locate any old archival footage and claim that the live web no longer has access to these pages. One interesting theory is that The Powers That Be have spread the hoax rumors as a way to divide and conquer the public on this issue and keep us in the dark.

Censorship . . . Who's Next?

In a blatant attempt at censorship The Powers That Be have seized a popular video site that allowed members to post a wide variety of videos ranging from UFO's, Paranormal Activity, Natural Phenomenon, Natural Disasters, Cryptozoology, and much, much more! In this article DiscloseTV Gets Seized by US Internet Security Task Force we will look at the little that is known about the seizure, amazing videos and blatant censorship.

While certainly not as popular as YouTube or ATS (Above Top Secret), this site did allow members to post an amazing amount of unique and original footage mostly centered on the topic of UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Just recently I posted a link on one of Sparksters hubs' related to a live Annunaki woman that DiscloseTV had located and the amazing footage it entailed. Here was the footage of a eight foot tall woman in a bikini, that was well proportioned to the point of muscular, graceful, athletic and yet didn't look like most people that are unusually tall.

Some of the footage I have watched on DiscloseTV was simple amazing and wasn't the usual garbage found on YouTube. Why this particular site was targeted remains unclear as a search of the internet lead to very few details.

That it was dedicated mostly to UFO footage maybe one reason, as TPTB have tried to discredit this subject as much as possible and given the recent amount of sightings Worldwide may of had something to do with it, my question is who is next?

It is important to remember that Julian Assagne has been held without charges for more than 500 days, the now infamous author of Wikileaks.

Another popular site that deals with the topic of UFO's and other strange events and conspiracies is ATS (Above Top Secret).

Recent Disclose TV Video's

Recent Disclose TV Video

Membership Page on Yahoo

This is what comes up on my Yahoo page and is part of a weekly news letter from Disclose TV.
This is what comes up on my Yahoo page and is part of a weekly news letter from Disclose TV. | Source


According to the page that comes up when you try to get on Disclose TV it says in part . . .

Full civil and criminal legal action will be taken against those who, knowingly or unknowingly, have contributed to acts of sedition, terror-mongering, and possible treason, including links to other sites now deemed a threat to national and international security.

Now this is particularly worrisome, if this is not a hoax and can be believed as real, as I alluded to above I have offered links to Disclose TV in my Hubs and others. This site has offered its members for a very long time a wide range of interesting video's and although I personally have never seen any videos related to terrorism, besides the 9/11 event, it doesn't mean they were not on the site.

What this may mean also is other sites such as this one could be libel to the same form of censorship, simple by posting videos that may be deemed a threat to national security.

I have been able to locate some videos that appeared on Disclose TV as well as other sites and have posted them here so that my readers can understand what kind of videos they share with their members. Disclose TV was very similar to YouTube and Above Top Secret in its format and subject matter.

As I have disclosed in other Hubs, I was kicked off of YouTube simple for discussing my thoughts on the events of 9/11 that were deemed by a person claiming to be a 33rd degree Free Mason, lies. I felt that perhaps I had come a little to close to the truth in my assessment of the unusual events that took place on that day that the general public was not aware of. However in my defense the information is easily attainable by anyone interested in the subject and is not a secret. I just possess an open mind and a unique ability to look beyond the obvious for more unusual explanations while using critical thinking.

I have also found that ones mind can easily be deceived when trying to use logic to describe reality and simple because we as a society are unaware of the possibilities does not mean they don't exist.

I hope those that read this article Disclose TV Gets Seized by US Internet Security Task Force will share their thoughts on the matter in the comments section and perhaps even write a hub that is more revealing than this one. I for one am not sure what to make of this and it could very well be a hoax, however only time will tell.

You Make the Call . . .

Is this a Hoax to drive up membership and create publicity or is it for real?

See results

Fooled Again

I must admit I was leaning towards believing the site had actually been 'seized' and although I was not the only one, I must admit I feel more than a little foolish.

I certainly do not agree with that kind of deception and actually cancelled my subscription to the newsletter and site, as now I do not trust it or anything it has to say.

After all the public and myself included feel that purposely misleading us for the purpose of monetary gain happens enough in our society that we don't need to be made fools of when voluntarily signing up for an information service.

It will be interesting to see how the public responds to this kind of deception, not to mention all of the members that rallied around them to support them in their supposed time of need.

It reminds me of the ancient fable of the boy who cried wolf!


Here is what David Wilcock has to say about the 'Seizure' of DiscloseTV, keep in mind that like all the others that are claiming it is a hoax they offer nothing to back up their claims and maybe part of the deception.

Hackers invaded and posted something that appeared, at first blush, to be a government notice. It was a hoax. The agencies and provisions named in the notice do not exist.

This may have been a deliberate move by insiders to provoke more fear, while also having it then appear to be the work of simple hoaxers.

In my grief I felt overwhelmed by the idea that sites were starting to be attacked and shut down. I should have done more fact checking on this but in my emotional state I screwed up. I apologize.

We have reached a critical moment where historic events are happening, and will happen. This is actually a very exciting time.

Let's band together and all do our parts to insure that peace will come to this planet. Please help spread the word and insure that the truth cannot be smothered.

Whether or not this is a hoax the site remains closed and this writer has not been able to deny or confirm the authenticity of the report but also find out any more information than what has been discussed in DiscloseTV Gets Seized by US Internet Security Task Force. Most people choose to see what they want to see and all too often believe what they are told and want to believe!


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    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      This is the same warning I posted in hub on PIPA/SOPA. I've just written a new hub containing details of how i believe this is an attempt at censorship in order to prevent information being leaked on the internet.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yeah I cancelled my subscription as well, it will be interesting to see how it works out for him, the site was becoming lame in my opinion anyway.

    • profile image

      It was a hoax! 5 years ago

      Because of this I resigned my membership. Many others have also left and others are on the line.

      Any web site that uses their own members as pawns should be shut down. They did this just to promote the new 2.0 version. They started setting up the members in late March with mods leaving or being censored. Mr. Lucas the owner was in on it. He played everyone just to make more revenue.

      For Money!

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      DiscloseTV has been declining since it was bought out by the mainstream media, so perhaps it is a hoax or maybe it is designed to look that way to further the deception, who knows . . . only time will tell.

      I'm inclined to believe it is not and is a precursor for things to come!

    • sheilanewton profile image

      sheilanewton 5 years ago from North Shields, UK

      Super Hub - plenty to ponder here. I voted up. Interesting stuff indeed. i'm inclined to think it's a hoax - but I'll keep on pondering the issue!