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Factors That Affecting Computer Processor Performance and Speed

Updated on October 16, 2010

Computer Processors Speed

There so many factors that will affect the performance of your Computer processors. The faster the processors the faster your computer performance will be. Find out what factors contributes or affect the speed of your computer

Math Coprocessors

The computer math coprocessors are used to improve the processors number crunching speed but it does not however increase the speed of simple additions and subtraction. It does increase the speed of calculations involving floating decimal points operations i.e. Algebra and Statistics

Clock Speed

The frequency with which the computer processors executive instruction and the higher the clock speed (MH2) value the faster the processor

Computers Processors

Computer Internal Cache

Internal cache is a storage area for frequently used data and instructions. The processor contains an internal cache controller that integrates the cache with the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The controller stores frequently accessed RAM locations to provide faster execution of data and instructions and therefore a larger cache leads to the perception of a faster CPU

Computer Bus

The Computer bus refers to the system board underlying circuit. The processor’s ability to communicate with the rest of the system’s components relies on the supporting circuitry. Computer data bus width indicates how much data the chip can move through at once and the sizes of address bus indicates how much the memory chip can handle

Computer Memory

The higher the capacity of your computer memory the faster it will operate, to have a faster performance one needs to upgrade his computer memory to a higher version. Find out other computer related blogs that you would find helpful below


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