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Finding The Best Heavy Duty Stapler

Updated on December 5, 2010
Heavy duty electric stapler by Stanley Bostitch
Heavy duty electric stapler by Stanley Bostitch

Buy A Heavy Duty Stapler

If you are looking for a heavy duty electric stapler you will find that there is a good choice and range to decide from when looking online. Here are a few good paper staplers that are currently available from Amazon for office or for home use.

Stanley Bostitch Electric Stapler Value Pack with 5000 Staples

A heavy duty electric paper stapler can look good as well as work effectively and efficiently. This Stanley Bostitch electric stapler has the capacity to attach up to 45 sheets of paper together in one go.

It has an anti-jam floating core that helps to completely eliminate any staple jams. This can be a real problem if you know that you have a big task ahead of you and need to get the work done in record time. The use of an electric stapler means that you no longer have to use excessive pressure in order to join your sheets together. You can simply align your sheets of paper in the chamber and staple away.

This stapler has a highly contemporary design which combines both plastic and metal to give you the ultimate in both performance and service.  There is an additional staple indicator that will light up to alert you when the stapler machine is low on staples and needs to be replenished.

Cordless rechargable heavy duty stapler
Cordless rechargable heavy duty stapler

Swingline Cordless Rechargeable Silver Electric Stapler

If you are looking for a heavy duty cordless electric stapler, you may like the look of this little one.  The Swingline cordless rechargeable electric stapler will work without you having to worry about replacing batteries.  All you need to do is to use the rechargeable batteries and once it is completely charged up and ready for use, it will work wonders. 

You will find that you can staple up to 2,000 times on a single charge.  This is definitely a great number as most people will not need to do this in one session.  The stapler is therefore ready for use at any time. 

This little piece of office equipment is capable of stapling up to 20 sheets together at one go.  There is also a low staple indicator so that you can be forewarned when you need to replenish the stock.

This is a front loading stapler that takes standard sized staples which means that you do not have to worry about having to source specialist staples in order to get to work.

Heavy duty manual stapler
Heavy duty manual stapler

Traditional Manual Heavy Duty Stapler

Swingline Heavy Duty Stapler 

If you prefer a heavy duty stapler that does not rely on an electrical supply or on rechargeable batteries you could opt for this model from Swingline. It is the perfect paper stapler to help ensure that all your important documents are held together nice and securely.  This stapler has the capacity to hold together a document that contains up to a maximum of 160 sheets of individual papers.

There is an incorporated paper adjustment guide so that you can make sure that the right level of tension is given to staple together any amount of papers that you require with ease and precision.

This heavy duty manual stapler is made with a comfortable rubber grip on the handle so that you can use it with comfort.  This is very important for people who have to attach several batches of documents together over a period of time. 

There is a built in easy clear mechanism at the front of this office stapler so that you can clear any jams that may occur very quickly. 


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