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Free SEO Promotion Tips for Online Marketers, Freelance Writers & Small Biz Owners

Updated on January 11, 2010

SEO Promotion: Are you getting the most out of your SEO content?

Many small business owners, freelance writers and online marketers who invest in search engine optimized content (SEO content), don’t get nearly as much mileage out of it. I’d venture to say that many could get 75% more of a return on their content if they invested in it – beyond the writing phrase. And, just how would I know this?

I’m an SEO copywriter, and I write for a lot of internet marketers and small business owners. As the publisher of, a site that teaches others how to become successful freelance writers, I also field a lot of questions from freelance writers about how to write SEO articles – and how it can help them to make money online. Here, I’ll explain why the distribution of SEO content is every bit as important as getting it written in the first place.

SEO Promotion: Why Writing SEO Content Is Only the First Step

Many who invest in SEO articles, blog posts and website content think very narrowly about it. As in, they only think about getting it written/writing it. They want to get it written, upload it and then . . . sit back and wait for traffic, sales and leads to follow. But, it’s not that easy.

Writing keyword rich content is only half the battle. The other part of the equation – distributing the content – is just as important. SEO promotion – like any other type of marketing – begins when you start to get the word out. Would you design a brochure, have it printed and then sit it on your desk? No, of course not.

Well, this is exactly what you’re doing when you don’t distribute your keyword rich content. To that end, following are three really good places to do so – and it’s free.

SEO Promotion: 3 Places to "Flood the Web" With Your SEO Content to Get the Most Traffic

I. Top-Rated Article Directories: There are thousands of article directories on the internet. But notice, I said “top rated.” I’ve been an avid article marketer since 2002. I’ve literally written and distributed hundreds of articles to sites like,, – and a host of others. It’s the perfect free SEO promotion tactic.

Why give away free content? Because it brands you as an expert. Why you use your SEO copywriting skill to craft a really informative article, and then let it languish just on your site. You can leave the original on your site, but you can either rewrite it, or create a shorter version of it to distribute to article directories.

On and offline sites, blogs, newsletters and other types of publishers are always looking for well-written content on every subject under the sun. When you use article marketing as an SEO promotion tactic, your content could be republished on 10s, hundreds or thousands of other sites, blogs, in local newspapers, etc.

I know; I’ve had it happen many times. As a result of distributing my SEO content via free article directories, I’ve been interviewed on the radio, quoted in newspapers (major ones like the Wall Street Journal and the Chicago Times), and had my pieces published in hundreds of niche newsletters, blogs and even local, offline newspapers. I have a clip file I keep.

SEO Article Marketing Tip: Your content should be distributed to a few of these (3-5 is good in my opinion), in addition to being on your website. Although, all content on your website should be original. That’s why I advise repurposing your content to submit to other places, then link back to your site.

FYI, with every article directory, there’s a box at the end for you to put your “author credentials.” In this section, known as a resource box, you can put your marketing message. This can be as simple as a link back to your site, or as complicated as asking readers to download a free report or make a purchase. It’s up to you.

See an example of a resource box at the end of this article of mine on EzineArticles.

II. Free Press Release Sites: These are another excellent SEO promotion vehicle for good content. The reason is, search engines love these types of sites (in addition to article directories). Why? Because they are constantly updated by people like me – and you – who add new releases on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. or monthly basis excellent venues to distribute free content because they are indexed frequently by search engines.

Why is this important? Quite simply, because your content will show up quicker in search results than it would on your own site, for example. And, if it’s keyworded correctly – it can show up quite high in search results. This means more traffic and sales for you – sometimes overnight or in a few days or weeks, if you’re lucky.

An obvious question you may be wondering about is, "What if my SEO content is not a press release? Can I still submit it to free press release sites?" The answer is a resounding – yes! I do it all the time.

Many free press release sites have article directories. Or, you could use your SEO copywriting skills to rewrite your article into an SEO press release. It's not hard and is definitely worth the time investment.

III. SEO Promotion via Niche Blogs, Newsletters and Websites: No matter what your niche, there are probably quite a few top-rated blogs, newsletters and websites that you can submit to as well. To ferret them out, do a Google search for "your niche" and "newsletter". Or "your niche (whatever it is)" and "blog."

Then, start visiting the sites that pop up and pitch them your content. Some say that you should pitch website and blog owners them with an idea first, then if they accept, send in the complete article. I’ve experienced differently. I’ve been published on some pretty high-profile sites in my niche (freelance writing), eg,, and I always submitted a completed article/blog post.

If they published it, great. If not, I’d wait 90 days and submit it someplace else. Either way, great content need never be wasted. There will always, always, always be someone who can use it.

Note: Most websites and blogs - especially top-rated ones - want unique content. You can, again, refashion a previously written piece from a different angle and submit it. While this can be time-consuming, it is worth it to get the type of highly targeted traffic that comes from niche websites and blogs.

SEO Promotion & Copywriting Marketing Tip

Valuable SEO copywriting is time-consuming and can be expensive. Therefore, you want to make sure that each piece you invest in brings you the most bang for your buck. If you spend time rewriting an SEO article or other content for a niche blog or website, make sure that it has enough traffic to justify the time spent refashioning it.

Using these SEO promotion tips, you should be getting more traffic and sales in no time if you start doing it on a consistent basis. As an SEO copywriter who’s used these techniques for close to a decade, I’ve sold thousands of dollars in products (my ebooks and affiliate products) and services (via, my SEO writing firm). You can too!

SEO Content Distribution

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SEO Content Distribution: Attract, Retain & Sell More


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