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Free website tools

Updated on December 5, 2012

Looking for a free but reliable web site hosting service for your static website is one of the hardest decisions. Because of the fact that there are numerous website hosting service companies, small business that want to be present online, would gladly accept this offer. These services are free of charge, but beware of those annoying ads that may show up on the website. However, not all services are ad supported. There are free hosting packages like Byethost, where you can get free 50 GB hosting and of course paid hosting services. Although the hosting is free, don’t worry about reliability of your website. Byethost has shown as the most reliable hosting service company. Every website they host has guaranteed 99,99% uptime. I would suggest everyone to try this option. However, Google is the company that definitely reveals many new surprises. I suppose you have all heard of the Google Sites service that was recently shut down. Shutting down this service was not gladly accepted by users, but Google had something else in mind. I really respect Google services, which of course you can see from my previous hubs for Google Drive, and different applications that could be made, thanks to this free service. This free service was revealed on 30th of November 2012. It is pretty much simple to use and everyone with basic knowledge of computers and web design can place a static website on Google’s platform. All you have to do is to place your web page files into a public folder on your Gmail account, or to be more specific, on the Google Drive option on your account. Google wrote a great tutorial on how to set up a static website. This tutorial is very handy to all those who are not experienced. You can read the tutorial on this link. After you all done with setting up your website, you will notice that Google has assigned you with a domain name. If that name annoys you, it could be easily changed in to something more appropriate and short. Always have in mind that short domain names are easier to remember. I would suggest you to sign up for a service called Free domain name. There are many companies that offer free domain names. Companies like are known as the most reliable and they actually have millions of free domains. After you all done with your domain name and hosting, your website must be publicly available to everyone, so you must set up some marketing campaign for your website. I would suggest this free ebook about SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, where you can learn how you can make your own SEO campaign and avoid those expensive marketing services.


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