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Fundamental Rules for Choosing A Domain Name for Your Website

Updated on August 31, 2010

Selecting a new good domain name isn’t an easy task. A good domain name will be known by it for the rest of its life. So making or taking the right decision for a domain name is always necessary for the rest of your Internet life. Finding a suitable domain name is always an uphill task and it definitely takes quite a lot of creativity since these days there are millions of domain names that are already registered and finding a good domain name is really quite difficult. But it is possible to figure out a good domain name for your website by simply following some rules. This page tells you some tactics to find/choose a good domain name for your website. Just read and know the ways to find a good suitable domain name for your website.

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website?

Choosing a good domain name can be effective if you follow the following rules. Just look and apply the techniques and you will find that it is useful to choose a good domain name for your website:

  • Choosing optimized keywords for domain name: Firstly, find out some of the optimized words for your domain name. You may write 10 keywords on a paper and then add two or three to get a good domain name. Optimization words are really helpful for a domain name. If you use optimized words to your domain name than you will notice that the domain name is easily optimized by search engines. So, it is very necessary to use optimized words into your domain name.

  • Choose .com domain: .com domain is always popular to all the people. Many people choose other extension domains when they find a suitable domain name. But I think most of the people suffer in long run. All people must feel that a .com domain is really necessary for his/her site. Most people of the world have the tendency to browse by typing the .com extension of the domain name. I too have affected the same behavior. So, when you like to create / choose a domain name for your site, select the .com extension domain name because it is really pay you much for several type of situation in the near future.

  • Choose a short domain name: Short domain name is really easy to remember and easy to type. So, try to choose short domain name. Lots of good domain name is existed but the length is really very long and most people really feel boar to type the long domain name. Moreover, if the domain name is short, then there is less possibility to forget the spelling of the domain name. So, choose a short domain name but meaningful when you choose a domain name for your web site.

In the above paragraphs, I try to figure out the easy ways to find / choose a good domain name for your website or blog or forum. Choosing a good short, search engine optimized domain name has really a good value as the domain name is easy to remember, easy to write and easy to tell others about the domain name. One thing, you must choose a domain name which is relevant to your niche category. Hopefully, applying all these methods really help you to choose a good domain name for your website or blog or forums. Please make your comments if you have any suggestion for choosing a good domain name.

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    • SuperDomains profile image

      SuperDomains 6 years ago from - - Atlanta, GA

      Excellent post...Too many people forget the importance of a good domain name when starting a company. It's worth coughing up some cash for the right .com domain name.