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Gadgets: Asus EEE Top Touchscreen PC

Updated on January 10, 2012


Are you short on space but long on the need for computing space? Thank goodness computer manufacturers have been listening. High-end features are not scarce even though prices become lower with each new model. Spacious hard drives, built-in media drives, Touchscreens, multiple online connection options, great looks and space saving designs all combine to fulfill the needs of both experienced as well as beginner computer owners.

The Asus Eee Top Touchscreen PC is a great example of a computer that can fit anywhere in the house or office and can be used by every member of the family. Mom could use it in the kitchen for duties such as cooking and paying bills. The kids can use it to complete homework assignments or to play games. Dad could use it to complete work assignments at home and to play online games. Even those that live elsewhere can enjoy the Top Touchscreen PC via online video chatting. The possibilities are endless.

The design is slim and very stylish. Black or white versions allow it to fit into most any space and décor. If space is extremely lacking, the Asus Eee Top Touchscreen PC can be used without a keyboard. Built in speakers further provides space savings. The Touchscreen utilizes specifically designed software allowing access to the Internet as well as entertainment and some productivity features with the simple touch of a the finger.

One of my favorite features is the Eee Memo. Messages, lists and reminders can be posted on the Touchscreen for easy viewing. No need to leave the house and worry that another family member will not get a message. Much like a sticky note, each memo can be kept separate from one another.

Eee Cinema acts as a multimedia library manager. Playback is made simple even though formats may be different. The integrated web cam makes keeping in touch with friends and family simple and special effects can keep everyone entertained.

Anyone concerned with power consumption and high electric bills will appreciate that the Eee Top PC uses approximately 15 percent of the power used by traditional PCs. Less noise is an added benefit.

Many of us really prefer Windows XP. Again, you are in luck with the Eee Top PC because it comes pre-loaded with Windows XP Home OS (operating system).

Other features that you want to know about are:

· Touchscreen measures 15.6 inches and is a wide screen format

· Processor is an Intel Atom N270

· Wireless 802.11 B, G or N

· Hard Wire 10/100/1000 Ethernet


· 160GB Hard Drive

· 1.3 Megapixel Web Cam (built in)

· Speakers (built in)

· Microphone (noise cancelling built in)

· USB 2.0

· 4-in-1 Card Reader (built in)

· Measures 16.14 inches wide x 1.89 inches deep and 13.19 inches high

· Weighs 9.46 pounds

· Available in black or white

Personally I love the Touchscreen PCs. Like I said before the memo feature is my favorite. I can always use help with my schedule and this provides an instant glance of things that I need to complete. I like the size of the Eee Top PC because it can fit most anywhere – kitchen, bedroom, home office and even in the living room. The price is so reasonable that there is little worry that it will get damaged. There is a one year replacement warranty that covers a defective screen.



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