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Gadgets: Cut, Trim and Shave Hair Yourself

Updated on March 19, 2011

A busy lifestyle often requires putting off necessary appointments. In particular I am thinking of haircuts. My hair was really long and I hesitated to cut it just because of the need to keep a short do trimmed.

Even shaving my legs becomes an effort when I am counting the minutes before I HAVE to leave home.

Men have the same problem. Theirs may be worse since it is difficult to perform some grooming tasks without a second set of hands and eyes. Ear hair, nose hair and eyebrows (nice subject-huh) are huge issues. Not to mention the neck hair that gets wild between haircuts.

I cut my husband’s hair with an electric trimmer since he wears a very short hairstyle. I use a larger trimmer for the bulk of his hair and then change to a smaller trimmer for around his ears and neckline.

As Seen on TV Micro Touch Men's Electric Hair Groomer
As Seen on TV Micro Touch Men's Electric Hair Groomer

Flowbee haircut

 I would love to find a trimmer in an in between size as well. A professional would probably have a much easier time of it but I do pretty well with the trimmers I have.

His eyebrows are a different story. They are stiff and bushy so keeping them under control is a bit tricky. You have probably seen the Micro Touch Men’s Electric Hair Groomer. Yes, it is that little stick of a trimmer that is touted on TV. When they attach that eyebrow trimmer I get interested. I also like the ability to trim the neck hair between haircuts. The convenience is amazing.

Athletes often shave in places that most would never thick of. It is unbelievably difficult to imagine how and what gadgets to use for each specific grooming need.

Have you ever heard of a Flowbee? Now this is an interesting gadget. With the assistance of a vacuum cleaner you can cut a head of hair and not worry about hair being everywhere afterwards. Attachments are included to cut hair at just about any desired length. I haven’t mentioned pet hair but there is a Flowbee for that too!

There are options when it comes to personal grooming products. Cutting, trimming and shaving hair is a problem that all of us deal with on a daily basis. Money can be saved by learning how to trim and cut some hair at home. Most grooming gadgets are fairly inexpensive. If you try and make a mistake – most hair will always grow back.


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