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Gadgets For Dad - 5 Cool Gadgets For Dad

Updated on June 7, 2011

It's always hard to find a gift for Dad.  You don't really know what he thinks is cool - even though you probably know what he should think is cool - so don't want to buy a gift that will disappoint him.  You could always drop hints, maybe try and play a few Jedi mind tricks, so he thinks he know what he wants but really it's you who's telling him what he wants - but that's probably too much work for the average person. 

The safest gift choice for Dad?

Cool gadgets.  Awesome gadgets.  The best and newest gadgets of 2010.  Every man likes a cool piece of technology - some of the best birthday presents for dad are also the best gadgets.  Gadgets are such a good Christmas gift, for example, because they can usually cover an entire spectrum on ones likes; take the iPad, for example, which does virtually everything. 

The one problem with gadgets is that we have many, many gadgets; and, for your dad, you only want to get him the cool new gadgets.  Right?

Here's the top five gadgets for Dad.


Apple iPad

Alright - you probably saw this coming.  The iPad is one of the coolest electronic gadgets to ever be invented; it's the only tablet computer that is worth owning right now.  Why is it such an awesome gadget?  Because it can do anything - seriously. 

News, games, writing, business, sports, creativity, virtual flying, movies, television; it's one of the best gadgets for dad 2010 because it will have everything he needs in one place, all the time.

It's also, as far as tablet computers go, very affordable.  It's one of the newest gadgets on the market right now so it does have room to grow and evolve (as of right now hundreds of apps are being released weekly) and is likely to have a version 2 released next year.  Like your dad will care:  this one of the good presents for dad, meaning, he can't possibly be disappointed with it.  

Logitech Harmony One

What does every dad, what does every man, truly need in his home?

A universal remote that is, well, truly universal. The Logitech Harmony One is one of the best and coolest gadgets for dad; it's also one of the best gadgets of 2010. It has a sleek design with a sharp LCD touch screen for easy and quick navigation. You can program it via your windows or mac computer; it also has a rechargeable battery option that will last you a long time.

This is one of the best gadgets for boys because it allows them, and this may sound silly, to be organized. To be able to control everything from one remote will save a lot of chaos around the house, too.

Flip SlideHD Camcorder

What's one thing that Dad likes to do all the time? Film.  Film everything.  One of the best birthday presents for Dad, then, is this cool gadget, the Flip Camcorder.   As far as gadgets for Dad go this is one of the best and coolest. 

It features a touch screen which easily enables you to control the recording process; pause, rewind, and record with easy.  The screen gives you HD feedback and has a one click button that will upload your videos to YouTube and Facebook. 

This is one of the gadgets gifts for Dad that everyone should consider. 

Blu-Ray Player

What do all men love to do?  Sit at home in front of their home entertainment system and watch epic battles.  Therefor one of the best gadgets for men - and one of the most awesome gadgets ever invented - is the Blu-Ray player. 

Blu-Ray is a step up from HD, giving you better sound and much higher video quality.  It's a good gadget for Dad because it's affordable and very, very appealing.    A good Christmas gift is a mix of a blu-ray player with a couple blu-ray movies; trust me it will keep him happy all Christmas long. 

Xbox 360

Most men won't admit it - most Dad's won't either - but they love gaming. They used to all spend time in arcades wasting away quarters and time playing Asteroids or Donkey Kong. Time's have changed, of course, but the general idea of fun of gaming hasn't.

The Xbox 360, already been around for five years, has just released a new version of itself. It's more sleeker, more powerful, and peforms much better; in other words - it's better. This makes its one of the gadgets for Dad that should be bought (you'll like it too).

Play games, watch movies, Skype, and even create you're own games via the Xbox 360 dashboard and marketplace: it's fun and, this could be a good thing, very time consuming. One of the best gadgets of 2010.


Will you be buying a gadget for you Dad?

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    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 7 years ago from Portugal

      Unfortunately my daughter is not old enough to buy me this gadgets... yet! In the mean while I will buy them myself :D