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Google Internet APIs of Mobile (Cellphone) Products

Updated on September 18, 2011

Google apis of Mobile Products is basically a collection of all those Google APIs which are specifically targeted into building mobile applications and services. After capturing the topmost position in world wide web (WWW) goggle has stretched its hand inside the pockets (Cellphone and other related devices) of mobile users. As per the Google statements, they have all such technologies that requires in building world-class applications like building applications based on users location history, Allowing users to share anytime-anywhere, Monetizing (Ads related), integrating Google APPS in a mobile or simply build and host a mobile back-end, they have all the tools and apis.


Technology Coverage of Google Mobile Products

Google basically categorized all it's mobile related products and API's into five sections, Which are as follows,

1) Advertising, analytics

This Includes products which are targeted in monetizing applications which are built specifically for cellphone users and users of related technologies. You can deliver relevant ads based on user data, collect information/dat about user interactions and can easily manage them in a organized manner.

Products Falling in this Category :

  1. AdSense for Mobile Applications (Google Labs) (for Monetizing) - Place Google Adsense and DoubleClick Ads in iOS and Android based Applications,

  2. AdMob (for Monetizing) - Place ads in your application of Admob Advertisers,

  3. Google Analytics for Mobile (Google Labs) (for Tracking application and its usages).

2) Geo, location

This Includes Products whose main focus is to find out users Geo Location (I Mean current Location).

APIs and Products in this category :

  1. Google Maps JavaScript API v3 (Embedding maps into mobile webpage),

  2. Google Static Maps API (Same work),

  3. Google Places API (Labs) (Getting information about important spots nearby),

  4. Google Latitude API (Labs) (Continuous user tracking).

3) Google APIs

Allows user interaction with various Google products like uploading youtube videos and updating calender events etc.

APIs and Products in this category :

  1. Blogger Data API (Labs),

  2. Google Calendar APIs and Tools,

  3. Google Contacts APIs,

  4. Google Finance Data API (Labs),

  5. Google Health API.

4) Hosting, tools

Google provides back-end services, cloud hosting services and tools for serving content to users via static and dynamic web pages.

Google APIs and Products Falling in this Category :

  1. Google App Engine - for Back-end service,

  2. Google Storage for Developers (Labs) - for storing and sharing data as the name suggests,

  3. Google Project Hosting - for Hosting source code,

  4. Google Web Toolkit - for building ajax apps in java,

5) Social, people

Allows users to post updates and other media into their favorite social network.

Google APIs and Products falling in this category :

  1. Google Buzz API (Labs),

  2. OpenSocial,

  3. Orkut,

  4. YouTube APIs.

So, that was the short and clear article on all Google apis and products falling in mobile category. I will soon add more details here.


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    • klanguedoc profile image

      Kevin Languedoc 5 years ago from Canada

      Great hub. Very useful. I am voting up.