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How to get Google Apps on the LG Rumor Touch- Calendar, Voice, Maps, Sync, and Gmail

Updated on May 8, 2012

Get The Google Suite for the LG Rumor Touch!

Most of us use Google in some way or another.

We might have Gmail (which is the best out there in my opinion, especially when it comes to spam).

We might use Picassa.

Perhaps we like to use Google Docs or Google Voice for work.

Maybe, your workplace subscribes to Google Apps like mine does.

Although I have several hubs on installing apps and games on the LG Rumor Touch, I thought it would be fitting to have one deticated just to Google related apps.

I remember that these apps were the first ones I looked for when I first got the LG Rumor Touch.

If you ever move up to an Android based phone (like the Samsung Intercept), being very familiar with all things Google will do you good since an Android phone and Google are inextricably linked like Siamese twins.

The apps are hosted on Mediafire.

  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google Contact Sync
  • Google Voice

The Mobile Site = App in a Browser

Additional Suggestions for other Google Apps (aka using the mobile site):

  • Google Reader = Go to "" in Opera Mini 5.1 with "mobile view" OFF. Otherwise natively mobile sites do not display properly.

Using the same method as with Google Reader, the following Google Apps are also available on "" from your LG Rumor Touch.

  • Google Search
  • Gmail
  • Buzz
  • News
  • IGoogle
  • Picassa Online Web Albums
  • Youtube
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Book Search
  • Google SMS
  • Orkut (if you get it on a good day...)
  • Google Docs (view only-no edit)
  • Google Notebook
  • Blogger
  • Google Tasks

Other Java Apps that allow you to do Google things:

  • Ebuddy = Gtalk abilities
  • Native IM app on Virgin Mobile's phone = GTalk and Gmail
  • JContactBackup = Contact Sync for Gmail through export/import of VCards.
  • YourTube = Download Youtube videos for flawless playback
  • Trapster = Uses Google Maps to report on speed traps and police activity with voice warnings while you drive.

You can find all of the apps above except the native IM Messenging App HERE.

Voice Yourself!

Which Google Mobile Product do you use most on the LG Rumor Touch?

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    • profile image

      Jarreth 6 years ago

      Ok i know this isn't on topic but go to youversions mobile site in the 4.2 mod select download the app and open in new tab click download and open in built in browser and enjoy!!!

    • profile image

      Jarreth 6 years ago

      i couldn't install google maps

    • Cassi Schmigotzki profile image

      Cassi Schmigotzki 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      I'm on my 3rd LG Rumor Touch....

      I entered all my contacts into Gmail. When I try to use Google Sync it says there are no contacts. What am I doing wrong? They're all under "my contacts"

    • wgs1912 profile image

      wgs1912 7 years ago from Florida

      @willie Thanks for the thought. Just tried and got thru it. Now I can download a mp3 ringtone change to qcp and email to phone from memory card without using a computer. Thanks again.

    • Wllie in SF profile image

      Wllie in SF 7 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      @dana - you should probably include how to email an attachment from a VMRT using gmail.

    • wgs1912 profile image

      wgs1912 7 years ago from Florida

      I think that VM has approved certain apps because the google maps will download also. Google maps is the same one on VMs site.

    • danatheteacher profile image

      Dana Rock 7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      @wgs1912, from an LG Rumor Touch phone??? and it installed too????

      If both of those things are true, this is possibly a new breakthrough or your phone is super awesomely special.

    • wgs1912 profile image

      wgs1912 7 years ago from Florida

      I got a gmail acct. earlier today and it actually let me download the gmail app straight from google.