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Google Maps : Search Google Maps : How To Search For www google com Maps : GoogleMaps Query Page

Updated on September 28, 2011

Google Maps :: Google Maps Search Facilities

The following Google Search functions are available from the top left of theGoogle Maps Search Page:

  1. Google Web Search– search the web.

  2. Google Images – search images.

  3. Google Videos – search videos, with SafeSearch if required.

  4. Google Maps – search for maps and get directions.

  5. Google News– search for news on any particular subject.

  6. Google Shopping– search for products.

For the above Google Search facilities your search “query” is passed from a previous Google Search Box.

Google Maps Search Wordle

Google Maps Search Wordle by Humagaia
Google Maps Search Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Search Page

Google Maps Search Page for New York
Google Maps Search Page for New York

Google Maps :: Search Page Google Maps

The top left-hand side of the Google Maps Search Page also has a [more] link. This link gives you access to the following Google Search facilities and Google products: Google Books; Google Finance; Google Translate; Google Scholar; Google Blogs; Google YouTube; Google Calendar; Google Photos; Google Docs; Google Reader; Google Sites; and Google Groups.

The top right-hand of the Google Maps Search Page has the following Google facilities:

  • My Profile – if you have created any then here you will see the business previews you have written and personalized, annotated, Google Maps of your world.

  • Web History – view, search and manage your web search history and follow trends in your web activity.

  • My Account – manage your personal account settings and your 'My Products'.

  • Help – learn more about Google Maps.

  • New! (in red) – the location for a number of Google Maps Labs beta featuresthat are not yet ready for the alpha product issue. There is no guarantee given for these beta features.

Google Maps Search SearchAssist

Google Maps SearchAssist
Google Maps SearchAssist

Using Google Maps Saver to Save Maps Offline

Google Maps :: Using Google Maps Search Facilities

You can use standard Google Web Search conventions with Google Maps. For more information, see Google Search.

Google Maps also has Google Maps SearchAssist.

In addition there are a number of Google Maps Search conventions that are available from the search box that allow you to search for different kinds of places. Some options available from the Google Maps Search box are:

  1. Town or village – try your local town or village. You will be given worldwide alternatives in a search drop-down Search Assist box. Just press [Return] or choose the option you require to obtain a road map. The defaults are the road map and a location in your default IP address location (unless you have switched off the Country Redirection with '/ncr', when the USA location is the default).

  2. City – try a city that interests you. The same defaults apply as for towns and villages

  3. State – shows a map of the entire state.

  4. Province – as above.

  5. Country – as above.

  6. Continent – shows a subset of a world map with the continent you require at the centre.

  7. Address – try your own address. If Google Maps cannot find your address then it will offer you the option to get a map of your town.

  8. Roads and intersections – not very efficient outside of the USA.

  9. Geographic feature – this must be a specific named feature such as 'Cheddar Gorge, UK' rather than a generalized geographic feature such as 'karst'.

  10. Co-ordinates – specify the latitude and longitude as in +43 22 24. -103 33 55 (note that it is not necessary to put the degree and minute signs and that a full stop between the longitude and latitude can be put in or left out), Google Maps Search interprets this format as co-ordinates and either expands the co-ordinates and / or supplies a map with the co-ordinate location in the centre.

See also:

How To Google - homepage of "Google How To".

How To Google in English - for the English version index to "Google How To" subjects.

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    • Milla Mahno profile image

      Milla Mahno 3 years ago from Florida

      Umm, several hubs on the same topic of google maps. Still not gonna give up mu mapquest

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      I'm not real familiar with Google Maps although I did find my neighborhood on there, which is really cool! Thanks explaining how to do searches.

    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 7 years ago from Ireland

      Google Maps has so many features it is amazing. Their search apps are very useful indeed.

    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      This is fantastic, this and your other related hubs tell me everything I will ever need to know about google maps, Thank you.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Whatever did we do before Google :)

    • Dobson profile image

      Dobson 7 years ago from Virginia

      I cannot use Google Maps on my phone, but can see how it would be a great benefit. Perhaps when I replace my current phone I can make the switch. I like the flexibility of the program. Thanks for collecting your knowledge.

    • Pro Design Source profile image

      Pro Design Source 7 years ago

      Since getting an android phone, I use Google Maps all the time. Both on my phone and at home. Even when I am just looking for a phone number - easier than going to a phone listing website.

      It is also a great tool to use when traveling. I used it in NYC - plugged in all of our destinations and saved it to My Maps.