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Tips and Tricks on Google Search

Updated on May 20, 2013

Google, on internet, by far is the most popular search engine which is used by about 80 percent of total internet users. Google’s this popularity is because of excellent search results with extensive range of searching capabilities. If you do internet surfing, you access Google numerous times a week, if not a number of times a day. As a typical internet user, you also don’t even use a 10% of Google’s searching power—which means most of us not searching as effectively or as efficiently we could. That’s probably because most of us never tried to move beyond Google’s simple but powerful home page interface.

A great mass of internet user are searching through Google and most of them like Google’s user friendly, unambiguous interface its quick operation; and its excellence search results. But what most of us don’t know is that Google has an array of special search option which we can use to search more accurate and precise results. To learn these special secret of Google searching keep reading and become a Google power user.

Tips to Improve Google Search Results

This article contains few tips which will tell you how to search on Google to improve Google search results. There are few search operators list which makes users’ search more powerful and fetches more precise results.

Below are given some operators with which we can search more accurately. They are categorized in Operator Name, Description and Example Search Format.

Google search page, a simple but most powerful search engine on planet earth.
Google search page, a simple but most powerful search engine on planet earth. | Source

Google Search Operators Tricks List

  • Operator name: site
  • Limits results to sites within the specified domain with specified word.
  • rajkishor09 will show pages from where keyword rajkishor09 contains.
  • Operator name: intitle
  • Limits results to pages whose title contains the specified phrase.
  • intitle:hubpages will show pages contains keyword ‘hubpages’ in the title.
  • Operator name: allintitle
  • Limits results to pages whose title contains all the specified phrases.
  • allintitle:hubpages is quite similar to ‘intitle’ operator.
  • Operator name: inurl
  • Limits results to sites whose URL contains the specified phrase.
  • rajkishor09 will show pages from domain containing rajkishor09 keyword.
  • Operator name: filetype, ext
  • Limits results to documents of the specified type.
  • filetype:pdf will show PDFs containing the word, while filetype:doc will return MS-Word files with the word
  • Operator name: link
  • Limits results to web pages containing links to the specified location.
  • will show web pages containing one or more links
  • Operator name: inanchor
  • Limits results to sites containing links with the specified phrase in their descriptions.
  • inanchor:hubpages will show web pages with links whose link text contains the word hubpages.
  • Operator name: allintext
  • Limits results to documents containing the specified phrase in the text, but not in the title, link descriptions or URLs.
  • allintext:"hubpages" will return web pages which contain the phrase hubpages in their text only.
  • Operator nam
  • Specifies that a phrase should occur frequently in results.
  • +hubpages will sort results by the number of occurrences of the word hub.
  • Operator name: .
  • Wildcard for a single character.
  • hub.pages will show web pages containing the phrases hub pages, hub@pages, hub1pages, hub-pages etc.
  • Operator name: *
  • Wildcard for a single word.
  • hubpages * rajkishor09 will show web pages containing the phrases hub the pages, hub of pages, hub and pages etc.
  • Operator name: |
  • Logical OR.
  • "hub pages" |hubpages will show web pages containing the word hub pages or the word hubpages.

I hope these Google search tips and trick will help you to improve your search result. Don’t forget to share this useful Google tricks with your friends. Happy Googling…

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