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Google Talk Free Download, Install Google Talk

Updated on January 30, 2011

Download and Install Google Talk Chat Messenger

Google talk is the free messenger service offered by google. Using this messenger you can chat with your friends, you can do the video chat and also you can make a pc to pc call for free. For making the pc to pc call you must have your headphone set connected to your computer and then there is a button of call. Press that button and call your friends. You can do the video chat with this service. You must have a camera to your computer for doing the video chat.

In the section of settings there are five kinds of settings that you can do for more comfort. Like general, notifications, connection, audio and appearance. You can send or receive the files using this messenger. The file sharing system of the google talk is very good. You can also do the group chat with more than one friend using this google talk messenger.

The most important thing that google talk does is that it connects us with our friends. You can download the software of google talk messenger or simply you can make your chat online using gmail, orkut or meebo like services. So have a fun with your friends.

I hope you found this hub helpful. Please share it with your friends by using sharing options given at the end of this hub.

Features of Google Talk

  • Instant Messages
  • Status Updates
  • File Transfer
  • Free Long Distance Voice Chat
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Gmail Integration
  • Video Chat Plug-in
  • Downloadable Chat Application

Voice and Video Chat

Download and Install Free Google Talk Software

Free Google Talk Software
Free Google Talk Software
Video and Voice Plug-in
Video and Voice Plug-in


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    • profile image

      mary 4 years ago

      google talk is one of the fastest and easy way to communicate with your friends and families

    • profile image

      dung60 5 years ago

      we can talk google,com

    • profile image

      Lokman 5 years ago