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Google India

Updated on December 14, 2011

Google India Homepage

Homepage of Google India Search Engine.
Homepage of Google India Search Engine. | Source

Google In India

Google has specially designed their homepage for India. India is a developing country. In this country there are so many different languages. There are so many regional languages in India. Google has considered this thing while designing their homepage for India. They have given regional language options for their homepage like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, and Punjabi. You can see this regional language option below the search box of Google Search Engine. After clicking over one of the language options offered by Google, the Google India Homepage gets converted into that language. On the right corner of the Google India Homepage Search box, they have provided typing facility into the regional language. You may just click over typing pad button and then write and search any specific term within your mind with the help of Google India Search Engine. The best thing is that you get search engine results in your language! Google have put your online internet experience one step more close to you. You can get all the great experience of internet in your own language. Thanks to Google!

Google Maps India

Google has specially designed their map site to locate the specific places in India. The url of Google Maps India is You can locate any place in India very easily with the help of Google Maps India. You can edit, print, send or even link to the map of your destination place. Going through Google Maps India and finding the destination place you desired on map is very easy. You just have to move your mouse with a left click to move map and you just have to scroll the scroller forward and backward to zoom in and out of the map. This is the very simple and basic information about the Google Maps India.

Google News India

This is another very popular Google product in India. Google news India provides the news information in India within five different languages. Along with English these languages are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Google actually collects the news information from the various different news sources in India and bring these news feeds on a very convenient simple single page. Google provides all this news information within different sections. e.g. Business, entertainment, sports etc. Google also provides the current cricket score on the top right hand side of the page. Overall we can say that Google has developed their Google News India page while considering the interests of common man in India. The most important thing is that you can even personalize Google News India page. The url of Google News India is

Google Labs India

What I like about Google India the most is that they have very good experimenting lab. In this lab they create various useful applications and websites. The good thing is that all these things they create are totally free, simple and very user friendly. At this place they are working over several applications and some of these applications are specially designed for the Indian peoples. eg. Google sms Channel, Google Music India, Google transliteration etc. Google sms Channel makes you capable of sending group sms to your followers for free. While in Google music India you listen all old and new Hindi movie, album songs online without any cost. Google transliteration is the best applications for those peoples who want to write in their own Indian languages. In short we can say that Google Labs India is the best place to experience the future of internet.

Google India Jobs

Google is the best work place in the world. They have received so many international awards or their inclusive work environment. You can find more information about their achievements in this section over this link. If you are interested to work along with Google, they will also like to work with you. You can find more information about vacancies in Google India on their 'Google India Jobs' page. Google India has their work places in India at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Gurgaon. On 'Google India Jobs' page they have given link to each of these cities. You can click over them and find out the job opportunities in those cities. Google India is the best place to work that anyone can dream about.

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Google India

Overall we can say that Google has provided very good attention to their international websites and customized their websites and applications according to the use of international user. Google India is the best online place for any Indian user to get the great online experience with ease and comfort. At the end of this hub I hope you have understood very well about the services of Google in India. If you like this article, please share it with your friends with the help share button given below and let me know if you want some more information about Google India.

Working at Google India Hyderabad

Working at Google India Bangalore


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