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Google throws out search torrents and file sharing

Updated on January 27, 2011

Recently, Google has announced that the search engine will filter pirated sites, namely, torrents and file sharing networks and starting from yesterday, the filter started to work, writes 

Now, when typing in a search engine, for example, words bittorrent, no prompt appears on the first letter, but only when the word is typed completely, that is "live" search is shut down. As can be seen in the screenshot of the live search have dropped sites such as BitTorrent, utorrent, torrent, RapidShare, Megaupload etc. 

It is unclear how exactly constitutes a "black list" as a "live" search does not appear words like torrent, but the vision of the most famous torrent PiratBay, which is very hateful to all holders of the world, are also visible fileshosts like  HotFile and MediaFire. 

Many owners of these torrents and file hosting solution dissatisfied google, well, that's understandable). Writes Torrentfreak, most likely this decision was made in connection with the crowding of the companies-owners who do not like the fact that in the search results of one of the major search engines of the world is pirated content.


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