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HP TouchPad Case - Doubles as a Stand and Stays on while Charging on Touchstone

Updated on July 31, 2011

HP TouchPad Case - a Versatile Accessory

Protecting the HP TouchPad from the daily rigors of being carried around in a bag with everything else you carry around and from being used in multiple situations, can be as simple as putting it inside the HP TouchPad Case. The HP TouchPad case doubles as a stand and is compatible with the HP Touchstone Charging Dock. It is available in universal black - works for both men and women, folds to form a stand (landscape mode) which is great for typing and is reasonably priced.

The TouchPad is designed for both productivity and for fun. Regardless of what function it takes on - having it in a case accentuates its features. The front cover of the HP TouchPad case has a couple of grooves that are reminiscent to the popular iPad 2 Smart Case. Although there are no magic magnets this case works in a similar way. The groves provide a bending place for the cover to flip back and form a stand. Once folded back - the HP TouchPad case is held in place with a Velcro type fastener and provides a comfortable angle for typing.

Since the HP TouchPad Case does not have magic magnets there must be a different way to attach it to the TouchPad. HP had a different idea. This case has a back cover as well as a top cover. The standup edges of the back cover provide a snug yet pliable ring of plastic that gently holds the TouchPad in place.

Cutouts are strategically places so that buttons and ports are easy to get to and the TouchPad can charge through the case when placed on the proprietary HP Touchstone.

The Hp TouchPad case is designed to allow for use of all TouchPad functions, buttons, ports and camera

It adds little weight or bulk yet it provides priceless protection from bumps and scratches

This case fits snuggly and the HP TouchPad simply snaps into place

The matte finish is easy to hold onto and prevents fingerprints on the shiny backside of the TouchPad

Charging with the included mini USB cable or charging in the HP Touchstone is possible without removing the TouchPad from this case

The sleek look of the HP TouchPad is one of its attractions but fingerprints are not.

Although the TouchPad case does little for keeping fingerprints from the screen - it will keep them of the back.

Even if fingerprints are not your issue - slipping may be. The smooth surface of the TouchPad can cause it to be slippery and difficult to hold onto.

Picking it up, laying it down, putting into a bag and taking it out again provides opportunities for disaster. This case has a matte finish that eliminates slipping.


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