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Updated on March 28, 2012


HTC One X Black and Polar White
HTC One X Black and Polar White

HTC has now launched a new range of Android smart phones under the branding 'One' series, these new devices include the new flagship HTC One X in both black and polar white colour schemes.

The most advanced HTC smart phone to date, the One X is the first to be released with a quad core 1.5GHz processor starting a new wave of mobile technology which is soon to be picked up in rival handsets such as the LG Optimus 4X HD, Huawei Ascend D Quad and Samsung Galaxy S3 amongst others.

Unique to the new HTC 'One' range is a second dedicated imaging processor which is also featured in the HTC One S and One V models which takes the processing strain away from the main chip and allows for new and exciting features to be added to the camera functions.

These include the unique ability to capture high quality still images when recording video clips as well as in playback mode, the 8 mega pixel camera can capture 1080p full HD video and there's a further front facing camera for video calling.

The HTC One X is also the first smart phone to feature the new Android 4.0 operating system known as 'Ice Cream Sandwich' since it's initial exclusive release in the Google branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus, this new instalment of the OS introduces better task management, advanced NFC capabilities and even facial recognition unlock features.

The HTC One X offers a large 4.7 inch touch screen display which is only matched previous HTC Sensation XL and Windows toting HTC Titan, however the design of this new phone sees the glass of the display seamlessly curve into the handsets housing rather like the Nokia Lumia 800 for a very desirable finish.

Connectivity is provided via Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, fast 3.5G data and Bluetooth and there are currently HTC One X contract deals that include a free HTC Media Link HD wireless HDMI adapter for streaming media from the phone to a big screen HD TV.

HTC One X Deals


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