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Pro Home Recording Studio Design

Updated on October 5, 2015

Pro Home Recording Studio

I think it's time to write about the at home pro recording studio that most people whom like to play their music would love to have installed in their home.I have a small professional recording studio in my home and when I am not writing , I am recording on my at home recording studio that I can play as loud as I want or as bad as I am ,sometimes, and not bother my neighbors .I decided there are quite a few topics out on the Internet about having your own professional recording studio at home, and some of these websites get carried away with the type of construction or destruction you will need to do to a room in your house. I hope to simplify some of this for you in the next couple of chapters and this is my setup for an at home recording studio in your home.

Let me start off by saying you can spend 200.00USD an hour in Austin, Texas , or Dallas , Texas at a recording studio that has a professional engineer and possibly a producer that can add information about your song you want to publish. I say if your trying to make it in the music business, go that way, because with an at home recording studio, your the engineer ,the musician , the producer and the final mix of your product and it possibly sounds good to you and your good friends, but how about the real world? Keep that in mind while I explain a cheap way to get started in recording your own professional recording studio.

The most important factor is your instruments first off, make sure you have what you can deal with as far as instruments are concerned, for your at home recording studio, then get your wallet out and lets go shopping, because you see recording studio rates are high for a reason, you have available equipment at your disposal, including drums,guitars ,etc..just be happy with the instruments you have and no more for the studio. My first suggestion if your just starting out is to get a complete set. OK, Chris what are you talking about, I am pushing M-Audio and Avid equipment is what I am saying and why ? I have found that all the products I have used in my at home recording studio have been compatible with each other, and that's a big money problem when you start mixing different brands of hardware and software with each other in the professional at home recording setup at your home.

I would say this if money is a concern this is how I would start and how I did start with my recording studio, I first got involved with M-Audio equipment because I like the versatilityof the software and the hardware. The at home recording studio first has to have a brain like a Mac or a quad personal computer with an external drive for either unit. The external drive is your music housing for your professional recording studio and you do not want to lose files , then you go and buy a Fast Track form Amazon and wait two days for delivery, why because of price. When you get the fast track in , register the product first off, then look for a deal on pro tools 8.0 or 9.0 , yes there is a new version. The reason why you want Pro Tools and to pre-register is that you can get a break on the software for about 300.00USD, and the M-Audio Fast Track is only 100.00 USD tops, So your into approximately 500.00USD if you already have the CPU that can handle at home professional recordings ,as I mentioned above. SO Now you have the Recording studio pretty much there, I know its cutting it light , yet the noise you see in that video on my page was made by using these simple techniques and provided me with an Mp3 that I now have on making me a little bit of money.The most important part of Pro Tools also is that several instruments,(Virtual) come with the package,enough to keep you busy for a lifetime, and you can trade files off with big name artist with Pro Tools, yes there is website for wanting a riff from let's say Neil Young, and it will cost you but your able to buy his file and put it to your music because of the integration of this software. That is an option with having Pro Tools as your at home recording studio software , not sure if any others will let you do this?

Ok to Shorten this up you have the basics, let me through in the Pro Axiom 25, or 49 Keyboard or control surface, is what the terminology is, get one, this will set you back at least 300.00 usd and you will need a good set of headphones , Technica is used in the studio, So I went with those for about one hundred dollars. Let me stay with the control surface as your keyboard, this at home professional recording studio control surface will not only benefit you because it interfaces with Pro Tools Software . This keyboard has built in Hyper-control, this controls your faders on your software and you can throw your PC keyboard on the ground and run all application's with the Pro Axiom made by Avid and M-Audio company, keep it in the family so to speak.

There are so many details I have left off, yet this gives you an idea of what a small time studio setup can be and all for less than 1500.00USD all total including a personal computer that you can find, I hear Mac would be best,so throw in another 2000.00 for that, I could not afford a Mac so I went to the quad for 500.00. There are sound boards, microphones,and other sound proofing needs to some, yet like I said for a low budget ,this has worked for me, and I get high Quality noise from my studio as per the example.

There is nothing like having your own at home recording studio and nothing more relaxing than to sit down with the Pro Axiom and push the PC keyboard away and get lost in your music, I highly express that if your able to afford the above simple studio setup you will be thrilled at the results as I am. I push M-Audio products because their is a ton of Internet sites to help you get started in all areas of the hardware and software, I am not a fan of the help section with Avid, yet the forums, can be of some use.I will always lend a hand at helping you if I can so write me a note if your having issues with M-Audio setup as I have described above,because I think I have gone through quite a bit of training of what not to do.I hope you enjoy your new at home recording studio and learn to enjoy your own tunes, that's a drug in its self, that makes any musician feel good. Now Listen to my noise from the video, like I said I do this for relaxation, not to make a living and I hope you enjoy my fun. Good Day to you and enjoy your new pro home recording studio.

Christopher Hyer 2.17.2011

Pro Tools


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