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Home Recording Studio for your pleasure

Updated on February 23, 2013

Home Recording Studio For your Pleasure

Home Recording Studio for your Pleasure
Home Recording Studio for your Pleasure | Source

Home Recording Studio For your Pleasure

The Recording of today has Technology so that a home recording studio is possible with advanced abilities that these days, its really easy to build and produce your home studio and begin making some hits . You can with the new features of even open source software make .wav files if not Mp3 files to play back digital media from your recordings. There are a mass of multiple software available on the market and the Internet that you could use, some are free and some are not, you will have to research this out and find which is correct for you. The new home recording studio involves using a personal computer, such as a laptop Mac Book is best or a quad Core processor, a usb microphone and free audacity.

Audacity software is open source software and very powerful for the medium user of recording technique and it's compact, and easy to use software. The new recording engineer can now, undoubtedly enjoy an in home recording studio in your bedroom or second room you can soundproof as well.

Actually, home recording is as easy as loading your software into your personal computer, picking your settings on the soft ware and rigging your mic into the sound card, and playing. The furniture in your home recording studio setup also needs to be entirely accessible for you to move around in the room for if you hook up instruments up cords will get bothersome.

Since we are able to download music from Mp3 sites as ,why people share their files such as free music software, when you can sell them on a service as and make a small profit if good enough for the listeners. I do this and have a simple recording studio in my house, with no highly technical experience. My Soundclick .com is to get an idea of what a small pro tools studio in my bedroom sounds like.

The Equipment can be just plain music gear to get your digital multi track recorder or software multitrack sequencer and other toys you want to setup your program on your computer with are endless. such as the open source audio home software have the best audio editing software installed with most free and paid music software programs you can get on the web and includes audio editing for free.

If your thinking of spending a few hundred dollars I promote pro tools digital audio home recording studio?, Why ? Because of its use of ease and the many virtual synthesizers this program provides to the end user. If your really into music and have a personal computer with multimedia at home it may well be all you need to get what you want done on another level, the quality is almost the same ,you don’t need a huge desk top anymore to have a powerful computer to run your home recording on a PC requires just a couple of things; a personal computer,enough ram and storage for your recording software.

This article will help you establish how to buy home recording equipment software ideas when it comes to home recording gear, it seams the market is overloaded with awesome music recording software with thousands of choices. The right program itself has a mini recording studio as part of the package for a small studio which can run you into a couple of thousand dollars. You may be developing a home recording studio with huge limit on a bargain budget?

The one point I want to touch on is the keyboard aspect of your hardware, if you chose to not go with pro tools software any keyboard will do fine for midi mixing, yet if pro tools is the direction you are headed despite the fact you may additionally resolve the midi software guide offers comprehensive information about midi software and hardware, the Pro Series Keyboards that M-Audio ,pro tools supply give no sound, they act as a mixer and control surface,so read before you buy on keyboards and don't waste money on midi that you will not be able to use.

The idea of turning your personal computer into a home recording studio is awesome and an experience you will wish you had acted on before. The electronic effects alone will blow you away at how good you will sound and the proof will be in the outcome of your project. There is more to it than this article ,so at least get started on making your own home recording studio with the free open source software, and you will hear the improvement and this will give you an idea if this is for you or not,without spending money.

Christopher Hyer 3.6.2011


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    • Ronnie Pistons profile image

      Ronnie Pistons 3 years ago from SC

      I will forever stay away from Pro Tools!

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      Jeff 5 years ago

      Oh my god - who wrote this? Does this person even speak English?